Electric Refrigerator Truck


 [INQ. NO. 2305M02] Daechang Motors Co., Ltd., a domestic company specializing in the production and sale of small electric trucks, has recently succeeded in developing the small (loading weight 550kg) electric refrigerator truck called ‘Danigo-R2.’


The Danigo-R2 is based on the Danigo-C (cargo truck) vehicle and is additionally equipped with a battery (57.7 kWh) for driving the vehicle and a battery (13 kWh) exclusively for a freezer so that the refrigerator can stay
cool even when the vehicle is in a non-operating state. Therefore, since it is possible to maintain the refrigerating/ freezing temperature more stably, it can be used as a mobile freezer.

Since a typical refrigerator vehicle uses a single battery both to drive the vehicle and operate the freezer, the mileage per charge is shortened, and there are many complaints from drivers since they cannot turn off the refrigerator vehicle even after finishing their own work for fear of spoiling refrigerated/frozen items.
Daechang Motors’ electric refrigerator vehicle Danigo-R2, which can solve these problems at once, is expected to
emerge as an alternative vehicle to resolve such complaints from refrigerator vehicle drivers upon its release.
In addition, the Danigo-R2 features various and many other safety devices including an Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Hill Stop Assistance (HSA), Electric Power Steering (EPS), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), and Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), airbags. The front-wheel tires located in front of the semi-bonnet and driver’s seat greatly help protect the driver’s safety in the event of a head-on collision.
In addition, the wheelbase distance is long, so driving stability also ensures excellent performance. In particular, the motor is installed directly over the rear wheels of the platform dedicated to electric vehicles to maximize power performance and fuel efficiency.

Danigo-R2 has completed certification from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) for domestic sales, and is currently undergoing certification from the Ministry of Environment, and full-fledged sales began in April.

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