NC Index Table[INQ. NO. 1801M03] Daeshin Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on August 15, 1997, and is operating two business divisions at present. The first division is the automobile business division, which is supplying products to Hyundai Motor Company since starting to mass-manufacture automobile parts (oil, pump housing, carrier, and knuckle) after building the automatic processing line in 2002 for the first time.
The second division is the NC Index Table division. At the time of building the automatic processing line in 2002, Daeshin Machinery introduced and applied another company’s index table to production, but the index table on the market was not structurally appropriate for used article cutting due to the product’s characteristic (for used article cutting). Therefore, Daeshin Machinery researched the NC index table maintaining high stiffness autonomously and developed an index table applying the face gear clamp method for the first time after much trial and error. This face gear clamp method has cutting torque ten times stronger than the methods of other companies.
Since it established a separate division in 2006, Daeshin Machinery has supplied products to customers after autonomously completing the entire process from production to quality inspection, assembly, and installation test. In 2017, Daeshin Machinery realized 0.01° of the dividing angle by applying the disk clamp method, supplementing the disadvantage (the dividing angle 0.5°) of the face gear. As this technical prowess won recognition, the company was registered as the appointed company for supply of the NC index table for Hyundai-Wia last year.
In general, the NC index table is composed as a jig, which is the part fixing a processed article on the table. It is installed on the vertical NC milling process bed. The table is rotated by a servomotor. It has a main function that is clamped on the configured location by an internal clamp structure so various processing parts (angles) of the material are placed on the location, where it can be processed automatically, by rotation of the table. Furthermore, since various processed products are placed on the NC index table jig safely, products can be processed simultaneously and mass-manufactured easily. Also, it aims to reduce the production cost by improving the product cycle by reducing the processing process by realizing various processing angles by driving the axis of rotation.
Daeshin Machinery is originally a user of the NC index table. Daeshin Machinery registered a utility model (registration No. 20-0456169) by autonomously developing the face gear clamp type maintaining high stiffness appropriate for used article cutting. This has cutting force ten times stronger than those of other companies with the same specifications. It also has excellent repeatability and is appropriate for processing parts for used article cutting aimed at mass-production. Moreover, a minute dividing angle (0.01°) is available by applying the disk clamp type, supplementing the disadvantage of the face gear clamp type, at the same time. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods