Commitment to Providing Advanced Engineering Solutions in Industrial Automation Since its establishment in 1993, Sejin-iGB has progressed and expanded its business to keep pace with engineering innovations in advanced transmission technology. Through the manufacture and sales of high-precision linear and rotary transmissions, Sejin-iGB is committ ed to providing advanced engineering solutions in industrial automation.

With 20 years of high-precision transmission research, Sejin-iGB contributes to high-quality and optimized solutions for customers who need more sophisticated and higher accuracy in the industry.

Sejin iGB always endeavors to provide high-precision reducers with the best technology, products and service to its customers. A reducer is a kind of power transmission system and is a core component used in industrial automation machinery. This equipment generates large torque, instead of reducing the speed. Sejin iGB has been producing high-precision reducers for more than 20 years, and it has focused on technologies that everybody strives for, but nobody has achieved yet.

Producing the Best High-Precision Reducers in Terms of Performance

High-precision reducers contain fused technologies, such as mechanical, control, materials, electrical and electronic engineering. Sejin iGB consistently off ers creative and innovative products of its own brand to customers, and all products are based on systematic technology roadmap. The original and new Sejin iGB reducers are extending their usability in the domestic market that used to import mainly foreign products. However, Sejin iGB is now improving its competence of the company by maintaining the highest standard in terms of performance.

By developing high-precision reducers for industrial robots, the defense sector, rack and pinion fusion modules, semiconductors and medical equipment, sales in the overseas market are likely to increase. High-precision position control modules are fused with deceleration, high-speed gear ratio, compact and lightweight and lownoise equipment. Thus, the reducers for robots and automation equipment will be greatly improved in terms of performance and reliability.

As for high-precision reducers that represent product lines of the company, there are CRP, XQ Power, RPM and SS series. The CRP (Clean Rack Pinion) series features clean installation, various selections, integer movement, multiple tooth contact, generated tooth profi le, high acceleration and high effi ciency without noise. They are highly dynamic and simple to use. The SS (Space Saver) series feature space saving right angle, universal installation, full protection and high tilting rigidity. They are also quiet and highly dynamic.
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