Specialization in the Export of OEM and Quality Aftermarket A/C Parts

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708M27] Ever since its foundation in 2002, KOR.E International has been specializing in the export of OEM and quality aftermarket A/C parts. It started out with just one loyal overseas customer, but through its strength and perseverance to advance into overseas markets, KOR.E has continued to grow successfully as a global export company by earning trust from customers.
KOR.E focuses on supplying the A/C auto parts industry with condensers, radiators, compressors, evaporators, HVAC units, complete A/C systems, and other spare parts. KOR.E has been able to set itself apart from other trading companies with its commitment to customer service. It takes pride in having close relationships with all of its customers and being able to understand and predict their needs.

Functions of Major Components of Car AirConditioning Systems

A condenser is required to cool down the hot refrigerant coming from a compressor, so it is located at the front of a car where it can be exposed to the maximum amount of air. As the hot refrigerant flows into the condenser, it dissipates heat by flowing through a system of ultra-thin tubes that are held together by fins.
KOR.E manufactures Parallel Flow (PF) condensers that have been proven more effective and reliable than serpentine or plate and fin-type condensers. It carries over 1,000 models of condensers and has the ability to customize a condenser as customers want. All the processes are in accordance with ISO9001, TS16949 and ISO14001.
A compressor is a key part of a car’s air-conditioning system and is usually driven by the engine via a V-belt or ribbed V-belt. As low-pressure liquid refrigerant from the evaporator flows into the compressor, the liquid is compressed into high pressure gas and sent to the condenser. These units compress liquid refrigerant into gas while keeping the refrigerant flowing through the airconditioning system. Compressors are also filled with special lubricating oil, and some of this oil circulates with the refrigerant through the air-conditioning system, keeping all of the parts lubricated.
A radiator is located at the front of a car’s engine, just behind the condenser, and is the most important component of the cooling module because it keeps the engine from overheating. The radiator is made up of a radiator core, along with two plastic side tanks, and all the necessary connections and attachments. The radiator core is made up of a network of fins and tubes that run either horizontally or vertically, depending on the application.

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Global Leading Exporter of Vehicle Air Conditioner Components

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySince its founding in 2002, KOR.E International, a company specialized in exporting air conditioner components for vehicles, has been growing as a global export company receiving customer trust by developing overseas markets constantly and growing continuously, despite starting exports with only one overseas account.
The condenser mainly manufactured by our company is located in the front of an engine room as it is located in front of the room for contact of the atmosphere and sufficient air. A refrigerant changes from gas to liquid by the flow of a very thin tube and pin system as it enters into the condenser.
KOR.E International produces PFC type products that perform better than the serpentine and fin & tube type and give credibility. The company also has an ability to develop a product what customers want through more than 1,000 product groups. Every process complies with ISO9001/ TS16949/ ISO14001.
The company’s compressor is a core precision product working like a human heart in the air conditioner system. It is operated by power of an automobile engine. It repeats a process of inhaling, compressing and circulating a refrigerant. It compresses a refrigerant in low temperature, low pressure gaseous form generated from an evaporator and changes it into high temperature, high pressure gaseous form, before sending it to a condenser. There are stationary, variable (outside/inside) and motor type compressors.
The radiator is a device cooling an engine through heat exchange between a refrigerant and the atmosphere. A fan to accelerate heat exchange is installed additionally. A radiator cools the hot refrigerant used to prevent overheat of an engine. Also, it cools auto transmission oil using an oil cooler installed in a tank using cooling water.

Doing the best to develop export markets

The major export items of KOR.E International are condensers, radiators, compressors, evaporators, heater cores, hoses & pipes, HVAC units, air conditioner systems and various air conditioner components for vehicles. Recently, we are adjusting to diversification of export markets.
The best quality management and the customer satisfaction system are the company’s sincere promise, and it believes the effective fulfillment of the promise lead to pride. The company’s business policy is to quickly respond to varying demands to realize customer impression and to maintain and develop all business relations based on trust and faith.

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Radiator & condenser

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do

[INQ. NO. 1510M13] HDC has been providing quality auto parts for 30 years while manufacturing dependable components to ensure clients’ driving comfort. HDC’s main products include condensers, radiator, evaporators, heater core and oil-coolers for auto air-condition system. It is its goal to have its signature products available internationally. HDC has accumulated know-how for high quality and competitively priced components. So, its products are competitive in the international markets.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry For auto vehicles, HDC’s condenser is located at the front part of engine room with radiator side-by-side. It is designed to change the high temperature and high pressure of gaseous stage of refrigerant, which is delivered from compressor on the air-con system, into a liquid state. HDC’s radiator lets hot water, which is circulated in the inside of the engines of the automotives and generators, pass through its internal so that it helps the temperature of warm water, which is circulated by wind from external to be lowered.


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