Global Leading Exporter of Vehicle Air Conditioner Components its founding in 2002, KOR.E International, a company specialized in exporting air conditioner components for vehicles, has been growing as a global export company receiving customer trust by developing overseas markets constantly and growing continuously, despite starting exports with only one overseas account.
The condenser mainly manufactured by our company is located in the front of an engine room as it is located in front of the room for contact of the atmosphere and sufficient air. A refrigerant changes from gas to liquid by the flow of a very thin tube and pin system as it enters into the condenser.
KOR.E International produces PFC type products that perform better than the serpentine and fin & tube type and give credibility. The company also has an ability to develop a product what customers want through more than 1,000 product groups. Every process complies with ISO9001/ TS16949/ ISO14001.
The company’s compressor is a core precision product working like a human heart in the air conditioner system. It is operated by power of an automobile engine. It repeats a process of inhaling, compressing and circulating a refrigerant. It compresses a refrigerant in low temperature, low pressure gaseous form generated from an evaporator and changes it into high temperature, high pressure gaseous form, before sending it to a condenser. There are stationary, variable (outside/inside) and motor type compressors.
The radiator is a device cooling an engine through heat exchange between a refrigerant and the atmosphere. A fan to accelerate heat exchange is installed additionally. A radiator cools the hot refrigerant used to prevent overheat of an engine. Also, it cools auto transmission oil using an oil cooler installed in a tank using cooling water.

Doing the best to develop export markets

The major export items of KOR.E International are condensers, radiators, compressors, evaporators, heater cores, hoses & pipes, HVAC units, air conditioner systems and various air conditioner components for vehicles. Recently, we are adjusting to diversification of export markets.
The best quality management and the customer satisfaction system are the company’s sincere promise, and it believes the effective fulfillment of the promise lead to pride. The company’s business policy is to quickly respond to varying demands to realize customer impression and to maintain and develop all business relations based on trust and faith. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods