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Cabin FilterA car is constructed with many small or big parts. Each of them independently plays a vital role in allowing a car to hit the road. Unless they are all working in close coordination with each other, a vehicle eventually breaks down. Some of these important parts are filters. They are essentially blocking foreign objects from interfering with mechanism in a car. If they fail, a driver will face lots of mechanical failures or even life threatening ones. Korea’s Lafien as a filter maker wants to prevent the misfortune from taking place.

Since it began its first operation in 1975, the filter specialist has been dedicating its years of expertise and technology to make the finest auto spare parts for oil, air, cabin air, and fuel filters available at affordable prices. Its reputation in the market has grown to enable supplying products to Korea’s major car makers such as Hyundai and Kia and Japanese ones as well. With skillful talents and the latest production facilities, Lafien’s future is bright on the global stage.

Lafien deserves its claim as a “Filter expert”. The firm can offer varied types of auto filters. For major filter products, Lafien’s cabin filters are for Toyota models, and its air filters are adopted by several well-known car manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi. For oil filters, these items are numerous, and their customers are mostly global car makers both in Asia and Europe. Also there are fuel and industrial filters available. More product information can be found at


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A car is comprised of various components. They as a whole play an important role in successfully executing its mechanism. However, they wear out over time, and a regular check-up and replacement is absolutely necessary for a car owner to maintain good driving performance. It is not an overstatement that good quality auto parts could be the sole reason why a car either breaks down or cruises around. Korea’s TAE KWANG INDUSTRY recognizes its role to help you enjoy a better and more joyful driving experience.

Korea is known as one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world; car brands such as Kia, Hyundai, Samsung, etc., sound pretty familiar in the market. And TAE KWANG INDUSTRY produces auto parts specifically designed for their major vehicles. Since its foundation in 1993, the manufacturer has been supplying small parts such as car lamps and door trims for cars like OPIRUS, EQUUS, VERNA, TUCSON, etc. With its top priority of “Quality and customer satisfaction,” TAE KWANG INDUSTRY has grown to be one of leading auto part makers in Korea as evidenced by several international approvals like TS 16949, ISO 14001, and SQ Mark. Major products are car lamps.

TAE KWANG INDUSTRY proudly presents its quality car lamps. Its brightness certainly outshines competitors as each item is based on the autopart maker’s exclusive technology, and it fits and functions properly without any glitch. Kia’s OPTIMA, OPIRUS, SORENTO and Hyundai’s BONGO, VERNA, PORTER, TUCSON, SONATA, and EQUUS can benefit from what TAE KWANG INDUSTRY offers.

Door trims are another major product, and the firm’s target models as CLICK, VERNA, STAREX, AVANTE, VERACRUZ, SANTAFE, TUCSON, etc. For more information, you can visit

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Auto Parts – JYC

A pulley is designed to add or transmit power; it is usually consisted of a wheel and a belt. And its use varies. For example, you might have seen vehicles and devices that are equipped with pulley systems at construction sites or factories. For cars, it works with engines for better performance. It makes sense that effective pulleys can boost torque and speed. If your pulley-strapped car engine belongs to one of these brands: Ford, Denso, and Harrison, you can rest assured for you are in good hands.




Since 2000, JYC’s presence in the industry has been consistent. With its dedication and efforts in developing and improving auto parts, the manufacturer keeps advancing with its own technologies that ultimately guarantee high quality. Also by having precise process control and site management in place, JYC is striving to achieve a zero defect rate, and the results are ISO9001 certification, TS16949, and several other feats in recent years. The finest auto spare parts such as pulleys, hubs and coils are awaiting you.

You need not look further now for fitting pulley parts if you are using Ford, Denso, and Harrison engines. JYC is ready to introduce a complete range of high performing and quality pulleys, also including each brand’s spare auto parts. With JYC’s latest technology, its pulleys will empower your vehicle’s engine enough to pull itself out of deep swamps. For Denso pulleys, modifications to standard models are available upon customers’ specific requests. The other products are Ford wheel hubs, Ford coils, Denso coils, SP-10 pulleys and automotive lash body. You can find JYC’s machines for production and measurement at


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Disc Brake Caliper

Disc Brake Caliper - SungeupWoo Shin Industries has been specialized in manufacturing such essential auto parts that can strongly affect the drivers’ safety as disc brake caliper, brake vacuum booster, and brake master cylinder since 1992. More than 700 kinds of such products are being shipped to over 30 nations.

The most noticeable customers include ATL(Canada), A1 Cardone(U.S.), FENCO(U.S.), BOSCH(Germany), ZAZ(Ukraine), etc.
Over 50 kinds of new auto components models on a yearly basis developed and exported to foreign markets contributing to the development of global automotive markets.

The company, which originally started its business with the name of Sung Up Machinery, is striving for becoming a company holding the world’s best competitive edge based upon the local No. 1 competitiveness. Currently over 700 kinds of disc brake caliper can be promptly produced depending on the demands of its customers worldwide.

Those calipers are highly precisely processed according to global standard. Strong braking power and high durability are also attractive strengths in seizing hot attentions among global buyers. Strict process in manufacturing ensures the qualities of products. The venture acquired ISO and QS quality in 2001.



• Sungeup Co,, Ltd.

962, Naesam-ri, Juchon-myeon, Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea
Tel: (82-55)337-0420
Fax: (82-55)337-0422
E-mail: /

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Automotive Filters

Automotive Filters - Doyang FiltersDoyang Filters started exporting its flagship auto part products to foreign markets upon establishing its organization for business. Based upon such moves, the venture begun exporting its auto components to South American markets in 2008 while diversifying its line-up for foreign markets. By founding its Seoul office, it strengthened its local drive. In 2011, the company has acquired ISO 9000 quality system certification.

The company’s first debut in the main local auto part-related exhibitions was made finally at the 2011 KOAA Show, where it made an impressive performance carving its presence among many viewers including some earnest foreign visitors. The latest striking move for foreign markets was made through partaking in MSMS 2012 held in August.

The participation at upcoming AAPEX2012 is expected to facilitate its advancement into foreign markets paving a road for American markets. As of now, Doyang Filters is exporting its high-class automotive filters and related parts to more than 20 nations including the EU, Asian countries, and South American nations. The filter family processed at the company consists of air filter, cabin filter, oil filter, and fuel filter. Battery and brake are also ready for their foreign orders and applications.



• Doyang Filters Co., Ltd.

95-5, Dopyeung-ri, Choweol-eup, Gwang-gu, Korea
Tel: (82-31)797-5876
Fax: (82-31)797-5894

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