Color Sorter

Color Sorter has been specializing solely in the Color Sorter business since it was established in 1993. With 20 years of experience and know-how in this field, A-MECS has been contributing to food processing industries providing customers new sorting technology through ACS series, GOLD series, MIDAS series, ROYAL series and CRYSTAL series.

A-MECS takes pride in product quality after winning the ‘Excellent Product Awards’ presented by the Korean Standards Association. Possessing the know-how of developing Rice Processing Complexes in local areas, AMECS has been growing both its domestic and overseas market.

As customers require better performance with high productivity in Color Sorter, it has designed machines in consideration of their requirements.

Products are mainly divided into two categories: ROYAL, CRYSTAL, MIDAS PLUS and GOLD series are for grain/seed products, but the Garden Queen Series is for black tea and green tea. GOLD,ROYAL and CRYSTAL are the most advanced Color Sorters and they offer the best selection for customers in accordance with high qualityraw materials. The maker provides customers quality products by meeting international standards and applying a thorough quality control system for the entire process of production. Moreover, the company supplies the best service to its customers – based on reliable know-how and experience in the field.

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