Heat exchangers

[Serial No. 2012-G-042]

Founded in 1973, Hantech has put its utmost efforts into manufacturing top-quality petrochemical and chemical process equipment that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of its customers. Hantech has consistently improved its design skills, management system and fabrication facilities to allow its products to reach higher levels of sophistication. Moreover, 3D modeling of equipment for upgrading design quality is now possible with well-trained designers, and its PDM (Project Data Management) system is highly expected to maximize work efficiency.

Heat-exchangershttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry In addition, Hantech recently moved into a new shop in order to support rapid growth of its company and meet ever increasing customer demands. As the result of such continuous innovation, Hantech has gained strong competitiveness in chemical and petrochemical equipment fabrication, especially in the fields of non-ferrous, reactive metals (Ti, Zr, Ta), clads, cryogenic equipment and spherical storage facilities today.

Hantech professionally provides chemical and petrochemical process equipment such as heat exchangers, pressure vessels, reactors, towers ad columns and so on. Not only normal shell and tube type heat exchangers, hantech provides helixchangers, rod baffle heat exchangers, twisted tube heat exchangers and breech lock heat exchangers. Besides normal carbon steel and stainless steel material products, it is also specialized in handling special material such as nickel alloy, copper alloy and special alloy such as titanium, zirconium, tantalum.

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Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, and Reactors

heat exchangers
https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryThe rapid growth of the once war-trodden and now halved nation was so hard to believe that many named it ‘Miracle on the Han River’.

Though many explanations have been made for the miracle, in terms of industry, as to what type of industry carried it out, the answer is simple and clear – heavy industry. Three years into 1970’s The New Village Movement, Hantech was established. Since then, they supplied chemical and petrochemical equipments like heat exchangers, pressure vessels and reactors to various clients including POSCO and Samsung.

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The 40-year-old chemist/petrochemist company accumulated knowledge extensively especially in the fields of nonferrous, reactive metals(Ti, Zr, Ta), clads, cryogenic equipment and spherical storage facilities. With maximum production capacity of 10 meters in diameter, 100 meters in length, 250mm in thickness and 1,250 tons in weight, the company seems still growing both in size and influence in the national economy even when the Miracle is no longer mentioned.

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Air-Conditioning & Heating System



[INQ. NO. 1303M11] Since its founding on March 11, 1986, HCC has developed and produced a wide range of cutting-edge auto climate-control products, such as air-conditioning systems, cooling modules, compressors and heat exchangers. Indeed, HCC has significantly contributed to the development of Korea’s automotive industry. As the leader of the auto climate-control industry in Korea, HCC has secured state-of-theart technology and topnotch product quality by capitalizing on the technological cooperation with its parent company, Visteon of the United States. HCC currently maintains overseas operations in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, as part of its global operations and is destined to become an exceptional company in the global automotive climate-control industry.

The Air-Conditioning & Heating System regulates the vehicle’s interior temperature and humidity to assure a pleasant driving experience for the driver and passengers. The A/C system operates under a continuous cycle of compression, condensation, expansion, and evaporation of refrigerant, so that the desired interior conditions can be maintained. The core components of an air-conditioning system for today’s vehicles include a compressor, cooling module, evaporator & heater unit, blower, etc.



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