Transformers & reactors

BUMHAN is specialized in the manufacturing of dry-type transformers, reactors and noise-cut transformers. Established in 1988, BUMHAN only committ ed to development, manufacturing of advanced transformers, reactors, serving the steady increase of the national economy. The dry-type transformer is applied for such products as control panel, semiconductor, display power system, heater control, sunlight generation system, and aluminum coil transformers (low-voltage, high-current, low price). Dry-type reactors is used for products of motor starting, condenser, inverter, AC/DC line, servo motor, sunlight generation system, current-limiting, air-core reactor, etc.

Transformers-&-reactors In 2013, the company was selected as a promising small and medium-sized company by Gyeonggi province and also chosen as a small hidden champion by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

Now with various models of certified industrial transformers and reactors, for this year, this company aims to rapidly penetrate into both local and overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, and Reactors

heat exchangers rapid growth of the once war-trodden and now halved nation was so hard to believe that many named it ‘Miracle on the Han River’.

Though many explanations have been made for the miracle, in terms of industry, as to what type of industry carried it out, the answer is simple and clear – heavy industry. Three years into 1970’s The New Village Movement, Hantech was established. Since then, they supplied chemical and petrochemical equipments like heat exchangers, pressure vessels and reactors to various clients including POSCO and Samsung.

heat exchangers_2
The 40-year-old chemist/petrochemist company accumulated knowledge extensively especially in the fields of nonferrous, reactive metals(Ti, Zr, Ta), clads, cryogenic equipment and spherical storage facilities. With maximum production capacity of 10 meters in diameter, 100 meters in length, 250mm in thickness and 1,250 tons in weight, the company seems still growing both in size and influence in the national economy even when the Miracle is no longer mentioned.

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