Automotive Solutions

[INQ. NO. 2211M11] AMO Group has been acquiring specialized expertise in IT, the environment, nano and bio industries, etc. – through providing advanced materials.

AMO Group business area is an automotive, IT/mobile, IOT, energy/environment and bio and AMO Group is providing customers total solutions to meet their needs.

Amotech is taking the next step toward becoming a global leader in information and communications, and automotive and energy, based on its innovative technology and materials.

As smart cars will undoubtedly follow in the footsteps of smartphones as the focal point of the future industry, AMO Group is developing autonomous driving antenna modules, EOS devices, vehicle-sharing modules, next-generation pin-heaters, and so forth.

In addition, further development of BLDC motors for LED cooling fans and battery cooling fans will take place, thus heightening the expectations of the company’s future success in the era of eco-friendly vehicles.

AMOTECH, the predecessor of AMO Group, is a company specializing in EMD/EMI solutions, antenna solutions, and BLDC motor solutions ‒ with a history of almost 30 years.

AMOTECH has various business industries as an advanced materials company, and can thus provide total solutions to develop customized products to meet customers’ needs through collaboration across all business areas.

In particular, AMOTECH is able to provide customers with specialized solutions in the fields of ultra-small/high capacity/high reliability MLCC, UWB antennas, GNSS positioning antennas, smart actuators, and EWP and cooling system technologies ‒ in line with the era of automobile electrification and autonomous driving.

Also, AMOTECH has the capabilities and varied experience for mass production and development, meaning that it can offer comprehensive solutions to meet customers’ needs.

AMOTECH, based on various patents for development, not only has obtained ISO14001, ISO9001, and IATF16949 certifications required for the supply of automotive parts, but also has acquired VDA6.3 certification for exports to Europe. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

IoT Device for the Prevention of Car Accidents

[INQ. NO. 2207M11] ROPE Inc. has become the first in the world to commercialize the ‘BATON SOS’ service, which is an AI-based e-Call system that plays an innovative role, under the slogan of ‘Cars report their accidents by themselves.’ The company has developed relevant products and services.

‘BATON PLUG,’ an IoT device that contributes to the prevention of car accidents, recognizes an accident within 0.3 seconds, and sends GPS-based emergency alerts to 911 insurance companies, acquaintances, etc.

BATON PLUG secures golden time by sending the general situation and GPS information to pre-set contacts upon recognizing an accident. When sensing a car accident, BATON PLUG sets off a strong warning sound for 30 seconds. In this process, one can cancel it to prevent misconceived calls. After that, emergency calls are made to pre-set acquaintances, insurers, as well as 112 and 119. Such quick SOS calls play key roles in securing golden time which, in turn, helps save lives.

BATON PLUG can be easily installed in all types of vehicles as long as a car has a cigar jack or a USB port. As the product is not mounted on a dashboard, the visibility is secured and the neat car interior is also possible.

What you have to do is just download the BATON app and connect it to the device to get BATON PLUG started. Another feature is that BATON PLUG has built-in USB charging ports for smartphones and other devices to be quickly charged. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Smart Black Box LORA, a smart black box produced by Hyundai Autonet, is a combination of IoT technology and black box. It is equipped with a smart system that displays text notification to the driver in case an event occurs when parked, and automatically sends an SMS to the registered emergency number when an event occurs while driving.
This device is a smart driving black box equipped with an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) to detect lane departure and collision and notify the driver for safe driving. The lane departure warning system (LDWS) is activated when the vehicle speed exceeds 50 km/h. It is a smart function to alert the diver immediately when the vehicle leaves the lane caused by drowsy or inexperienced driving. The forward collision warning system (FCWS) is another smart function to calculate the speed and distance of the vehicle being driven and the vehicle in front and provide a warning at a safe distance for preventing the driver from missing the timing of applying the brakes to avoid danger.
Offering better picture quality even in low-light and low-light conditions, PONTUS LORA allows recording of images with clear picture quality at sunrise or sunset as well as at dawn or night time. Equipped with i-CATCH V35 with the best image processing process, it records images with clear picture quality even while driving, day and night, and when parked. PONTUS LORA with a precisely processed wide-angle lens enables shooting of various situations around the vehicle in a wide viewing angle of 123 degrees forward and 125 degrees backward. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods