Automobile Parts[INQ. NO. 1805M19] PKFC was initially established in 1999 under the name of Pyeonggang Precision. As a leader in the auto parts industry, PKFC manufactures various kinds of automobile parts by using a press production line, a multi-forming production line, an MCT processing line, and an assembly production line.
PKFC’s press is equipment that is widely used in producing various automobile, electric and electronic parts –brackets, special fixed parts in the chassis, engine, bumper, power steering, etc.
PKFC’s multi-former can be used in various fields including automobile parts and electric and electronic parts as it can produce several types of complex structures in various ways. The amount of material consumption in the production process using this equipment is lower than any other equipment due to its lower loss rate.
PKFC manufactures various hood rods, loop rings, etc. to be used as automobile and electric parts and production facilities. PKFC also produces the assembled products by utilizing a machining center. PKFC can perfectly design and manufacture the consumer-oriented parts to be used as hinges in automobiles, electric and electronic equipment. PKFC was determined to commit to supplying its customers with best-quality products by heavily investing in R&D.


PKFC secured reliability of the products it manufactures by obtaining various certifications and shows comparative competitiveness in technologies over its rivals by winning several patents on products. PKFC aims to become a global leader that helps global partners that produce precision parts, auto parts, electric and electronic products, ultimately to improve their competitive edge. This drive is based on its unique corporate philosophy – “sincere service spirit.”
Beyond short-term profit and gain, PKFC pursues sustainable happiness of all and continues to strengthen its competitiveness by securing global competitiveness and quality superiority.
PKFC is focused on the realization of its vision toward globalization. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Precision parts

[INQ. NO. 1603M34]  Kwang Jin Corp.(KJC) is one the most advanced and reliable manufacturers of precision parts such as rotary joints and swivel joints utilized in the various industry fields.
Since it launched its KJC brand in 1986, the company has had a good reputation for high quality and supplied KJC products to the steel ind us try including the shipbuilding industry such as POSCO and Hyundai Heavy Industry.

Moreover, based on its verified technology in most industries, KJC has accelerated expanding the global market for decades. KJC has been known as a leading company of manufacturers in Korea since it started its own mass production in 1985. KJC has a good technical team with accumulated experience, capable of providing customers’ specific needs. KJC promises it will make its best efforts to make the lead time as short as it can. For this quick and efficient supply, the maker has been keeping its inventory with standard products together with every part. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods