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A pulley is designed to add or transmit power; it is usually consisted of a wheel and a belt. And its use varies. For example, you might have seen vehicles and devices that are equipped with pulley systems at construction sites or factories. For cars, it works with engines for better performance. It makes sense that effective pulleys can boost torque and speed. If your pulley-strapped car engine belongs to one of these brands: Ford, Denso, and Harrison, you can rest assured for you are in good hands.




Since 2000, JYC’s presence in the industry has been consistent. With its dedication and efforts in developing and improving auto parts, the manufacturer keeps advancing with its own technologies that ultimately guarantee high quality. Also by having precise process control and site management in place, JYC is striving to achieve a zero defect rate, and the results are ISO9001 certification, TS16949, and several other feats in recent years. The finest auto spare parts such as pulleys, hubs and coils are awaiting you.

You need not look further now for fitting pulley parts if you are using Ford, Denso, and Harrison engines. JYC is ready to introduce a complete range of high performing and quality pulleys, also including each brand’s spare auto parts. With JYC’s latest technology, its pulleys will empower your vehicle’s engine enough to pull itself out of deep swamps. For Denso pulleys, modifications to standard models are available upon customers’ specific requests. The other products are Ford wheel hubs, Ford coils, Denso coils, SP-10 pulleys and automotive lash body. You can find JYC’s machines for production and measurement at


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