Vacuum Coating System

Vacuum Coating System Technologies is a global leader in providing innovative vacuum coating systems (Roll-to-Roll, In-line, Cluster system), and service to enable the manufacture of advanced LCD, all kinds of film, lithium-ion battery and flexible solar cell in the field of display, new renewable energy and electronic components.

The current two basic items of system being delivered to global markets are Roll-to-Roll and Cluster system. For these two systems, core technology based on a variety of approaches including electron beam, vacuum dryer, etc. is applied ensuring high-performance. Among them, Advanced Technologies’ roll-to-roll sputter system (TITAN, MENTO-M, TORI series) has employed most advanced technology in the sputter system sector. The roll-to-roll sputter system transfers flexible substrate such as polymer, and metal in vacuum environment by using roll-winding and carries out the surface treatment by using plasma process.

And last year, Advanced Technologies successfully developed cleaning process for Fine Pattern Mask needed in processing of OLED in collaboration with a governmental materials research center. Advanced Technologies’ in-line coating system is very applicable to not only flat-panel display, but also even ITO, metal, and coatings of external materials. And the cluster system for OLED can be manufactured from the version of second-generation to even fifthgeneration.

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