Roll-to-Roll Converting Machinery

[INQ. NO. 2207M08] PNT, People & Technology, is a world class expert in roll-to-roll converting machinery.

To secure the interests of the customers, PNT pursues three main themes, which also prove as a hint of up-growing momentum of the company.

PNT pursues the latest technology. PNT acts as an expert in roll-to-roll converting. PNT offers mass production capability.

The company’s product ranges are not only focused on the secondary battery industry, but also it offers various machinery to the copper foil, film, non-woven, water treatment roll-to-roll industry.

Electrode Coater
Electrode coater is a facility that coats and dries the lithium-ion battery active material on aluminum and copper foils. The recent development of lithium ion battery production facilities is focused on maximizing productivity by operating the worldwide-web at high speed.

PNT is applying various technologies to meet these needs. By constructing dry chambers with a length of 80 meters on each floor, the production speed can be maximized up to 100 m/min, enabling sequential double sided coating.

Electrode Roll Press
Electrode roll press is machine that rolls the coated web to a certain thickness. The most important thing in rolling is to precisely control the gap between the main rolls so that a constant lip pressure is applied to the entire electrode.

PNT uses a hydraulic servo control system to control the position of the lower roll, so this ensures reproducibility within 1µm.

Electrode Slitter
Electrode slitter is a facility that cuts the coated or non-coated part of the rolled electrode to desired width. The machine is applied with a block knife cartridge unit to ensure precise slitting width.

In addition, oil cleaning units, turbo brushes, suction and magnetic bars are applied to prevent foreign body from entering the process. Rewinder is equipped with 3-inch and 6-inch air-expanding friction shafts for each reel after slitting. The equipment is configured to rewind with constant tension. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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