As many as 1,222 companies from 35 countries have showcased products keeping pace with the rapidly changing manufacturing environment.

This year’s exhibition was meaningful as the numbers of visitors that had been sluggish due to the recession in the manufacturing industry in recent years has turned into a recovery and the exhibition regained its stature of accommodating 100,000 visitors again in four years. SIMTOS 2018 was attended by approximately 103,000 visitors, which was an increase of 5.4% compared to last year.
Prominent visitors to SIMTOS 2018 included buyers from those emerging demand regions such as Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe whose markets are difficult for Korean companies to access. A buyer from Oman remarked, “Since we have used Korean machine tools, I have high confidence in Korean products. I believe that they are price-competitive and the quality is as high as any machine tools from advanced countries. Through this visit to SIMTOS, we hope to supply excellent Korean products to the Oman market.”
Behind such active participation of foreign buyers with high purchasing-power lies the effort of the Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (KOMMA), the organizer of SIMTOS, to invite buyers from months before the exhibition. Through Matchmaking4U, a matching program between participating suppliers and buyers that has been verified over a long time, KOMMA managed the targeted foreign buyers from the time of the exhibition to on-site consultation during the fair. A large number of buyers’ conferences held in SIMTOS has led to actual contracts, thus directly contributing to the profit generation of exhibitors.

The exhibition concept of many companies participating in this event held in the winds of change of the “4th Industrial Revolution” featured primarily the 4th Industrial Revolution and Smart Factory. Exhibits varied from equipment integrated with ICT technology to automation parts, measurement systems, and tool management systems.
In particular, the Special Exhibition Hall for the 4th Industrial Revolution, opened for the first time this year, attracting attention by demonstrating trial performances centered on processing equipment and suggested ways to build more realistic smart factories. One visitor remarked, “Although the smart factory has been controversial for a long time, I still consider that most talks are not beyond conceptualization. Taking a look around at this exhibition, however, it dawned on me how SMEs need to approach smart factory construction.”
While SMEs’ interest in factory automation is increasing more sharply than ever before in line with the policy issues such as rising minimum wages and shortening working hours, the global equipment manufacturers participating in SIMTOS 2018 largely showcased compact automation and complex solutions. Major machine tool manufacturers such as Doosan Machine Tools, DMG Mori, Yamazaki Mazak, Hyundai Wia, and Hwacheon have exhibited a large number of products using automation applications such as Gantry robots and multi-pallet systems, attracting keen attention from the visitors.
Suppliers of automated cutting equipment such as Bystronic, AMADA Korea, H. K., J. Trump GmbH Korea introduced automation and complex solutions including folding machine automation models for removable robot system and modular multifunction equipment that can implement various functions by attaching a module to a punching machine.
Other exhibits included numerous products released in response to the increased demand for processing equipment for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium, carbon fiber composite materials, and nickel alloys. In addition, considerable attention was paid to highperformance and high-stiffness equipment as well as machining simulation software to prevent unnecessary cost and reduce time wastage by minimizing errors while processing high-cost difficult-to-cut materials.
SIMTOS 2018 has provided more than 30 events such as the 4th Industrial Revolution Conference and the CAD/ CAM Conference and a variety of accompanying events including a photo zone, stamp tour, and technical tour, offering abundant attractions and entertainment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods


The Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show 2018 (SIMTOS 2018) has become even more special thanks to the operation of more special pavilions by various countries.

SIMTOS has presented new forms of industry exhibitions to visitors and exhibitors every year. This fact was enough to entice many visitors and exhibitors, which inspire other industry exhibitions. SIMTOS 2018 to be held this time resolutely veered away from a practice where industry exhibitions are held by items and enhanced the convenience of visitors and exhibitors by arranging exhibition spaces by continents.
“There are three reasons why this year the organizers decided to run SIMTOS as special halls by continents,” commented an official of SIMTOS. “The three reasons are the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution, the characteristics of exhibition items, and the safety and capacities to supply affiliated facilities of the Second Exhibition Hall at KINTEX.”
According to the official, the characteristics of the fourth industrial revolution are the convergence of industries, products, and technologies, and a collaborative system. Therefore, it is necessary to move its focus to complex solutions that are characterized by the convergence, intellectualizing and collaboration of processes from products. Therefore, the SIMTOS organizers have pursued such changes to show the convergence of solutions by continents in existing exhibitions of certain items.
This year’s SIMTOS will offer an opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to understand how manufacturing powerhouses in the world are preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution via the Special Fourth Industrial Revolution Pavilion, which will enable visitors to grasp the flow of the global Fourth Industrial Revolution at a glance.
The SIMTOS organizers launched the Special Smart Factory Pavilion in the exhibition in 2016, which was introduced at the previous exhibition as a special project planned as a pilot project. As the Special Smart Factory Pavilion was attempted for the first time it was not quite perfect, but there were many people who praised the new attempt,” explained an official of the SIMTOS Organizing Committee. “The Special Fourth Industrial Revolution Pavilion at the Second Exhibition Hall will consist of eight sectors such as cooperative robots, engineering software, networks, IoT, and complex solutions, which are important components of the fourth industrial revolution under the theme of smart factories, digital and connection by expanding the scope of Smart Factory. More than 40 companies and consortiums have already completed their applications.”


Making SIMTOS 2018 Win Hearts of Visitors

SIMTOS has been using the MM4U (Match-Making for You) System to match exhibitors and companies before the start of the exhibition. From the previous exhibition, SIMTOS organizers made the system more convenient by putting the system online.
“MM4U, which was offered online during SIMTOS 2016, lacked the management of effective support for business meetings as exhibitors increased 168% and buyers more than doubled from the previous exhibition,” said an official of SIMTOS. He added, “We will improve the MM4U matching system by way of voluntary decision-making between exhibitors and buyers and implement services to enhance satisfaction through the operation of paid premium services in addition to general services.”
The Premium service provide services differentiated from general services in terms of inviting buyers, the number of matching applications that can be allowed and alarm functions. In addition, in order to invite big overseas buyers, the SIMTOS organizers dispatched market survey teams to five major emerging markets (South Africa, Iran, the UAE, India and Vietnam) in 2017, visited local companies and related organizations and held import and export fairs there.
The Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (KOMMA) identified 50 dealers and buyers and conducted 200 preconsultations for them and will invite them to SIMTOS this year. “Our association has 20 agents who attract buyers composed of demand industries and dealer organizations in 10 countries including Turkey, Thailand and Brazil,” commented a representative of SIMTOS.


SIMTOS 2018 Expects More Than 100,000 Visitors

“I think that SIMTOS is a good venue, and it is an exhibition that strives to be the best,” said an official of the SIMTOS. “The association also supports other exhibitions and productions. However, in order to understand industrial trends in manufacturing and manufacturing technology and build networks, it is necessary to visit SIMTOS.”
The first goal is to get visitors to agree on this idea and the second is to strengthen and expand direct invitations to those in demand industries such as the automobile, machinery, electronics, electricity, IT, semiconductor, display, metal, steel, renewable energy, space and aviation, and medical industries.


Demand for Machine Tools Increases in Various Industries

“The slogan of SIMTOS 2018 exhibition is Capture the Future: the 4th manufacturing and manufacturing technologies connected with the 4th industrial revolution at SIMTOS 2018. Now is an era when industrial boundaries are falling down. We expect a rise in the participation of various industries that want to connect the fourth industrial revolution with their production and manufacturing technology,” the official explained.
“SIMTOS is already the largest production and manufacturing technology exhibition in Korea,” the official remarked. “It is difficult to mention a certain number, but the goal of the SIMTOS is always to be the most satisfying production and manufacturing technology exhibition.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods