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[INQ. NO. 2211M57] Shin Starr Presents, a pioneer in restaurant equipment design, uses technology and artificial intelligence to prepare high-quality, gourmet recipes at lower costs and with increased consistency. Its autonomous kitchen technology assists in the preparation of authentic Korean recipes.

SPACE+ Technology™ is a spatial technology platform created by Shin Starr Presents, which utilizes its proprietary robotic and network technologies to create a flawless autonomous kitchen and food preparation system.

At the heart of its technology is the AutoWok, an electric-powered automated wok capable of cooking an expansive range of stir-fry and soup recipes without assistance from the kitchen staff.

Notable highlights of the AutoWok include pre-programmable menus and cooking settings, a high-efficiency induction heating system, with auto-serving and auto-cleaning features. With the simple push of a button, the kitchen staffcan move onto another task with assurance that upon return, the food will be cooked, dispensed onto a serving dish, and ready to be served to customers.

Later this year, Shin Starr Presents plans to release its first mobility optimized SPACE+ AutoWok, the AutoWok 2.0, which will become the cornerstone for Shin Starr Presents’ Autonomous Mobile Kitchen.

Gongdori Kitchen™, a Shin Starr Presents commercial restaurant brand, launched its first store in the Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea, on August 2020 — followed by its second location in Seoul’s Omokgyo district in May 2021.

The two restaurants have been consolidated and operated in Seoul`s Omokgyo district since early this year.

Gongdori Kitchen is a delivery and take-out focused QSR brand which serves Boonsik – Korean soul food. Boonsik consists of three menu categories including stir-fry, deep-fry, and steam recipes which involves simple and repetitive cooking processes. Multiple AutoWoks are deployed in the restaurant which autonomously cook a variety of Boonsik menus both efficiently and effortlessly.

In 2023, Gongdori Kitchen will expand its menu to offer deep-fried dishes with the introduction of Shin Starr Presents’ newest edition to its Space+ Technology™, the AutoFryer Gen1.0.

Shin Starr Presents is also developing the world’s first autonomous cook-en-route Korean BBQ and fried chicken truck powered by Space+ Technology™.

The OLHSO™ KBBQ Truck Express and Just Made ChickTruck™ Express are two, app-connected cook-en-route food truck brands that cook Korean BBQ and Korean-style fried chicken respectively while en-route to your desired delivery location.

The food trucks will require only a single driver who will be responsible to drive the truck according to the set destination much like your ride-sharing transportation services. Order allocation and all cooking processes are autonomously carried out by the mobility optimized SPACE+ kitchen system installed on the truck. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods