Index and Multi-axes Jig Bed [INQ. NO. 1610M15] Established in 2011, G.M Precision Manufacture is a Korea-based company that specializes in designing and manufacturing a variety of jigs, fixtures, and 5-axes jigs.

Equipped with the very latest technology and products, G.M Precision Manufacture is in active competition with its rivals in the global markets, on the one hand, and sharpening its competitive edge through management, on the other hand, in order to enhance its customers’ productivity and efficiency.

Also, the firm is equipped with a high-tech production system for creation of safe work environments.

G.M Precision Manufacture developed the Manual Index, which shortened the time required for index setting, and the Auto Index, which is capable of setting the rotation angle precisely for consistent rotation.

Moreover, the firm developed the Multi-axes Jig Bed, equipped with a manual index and an auto index so that users can adjust the angel of each fixture.

Its multi-axes jig system is designed for users to use A axis and B axis separately and make various kinds of jigs and fixtures, such as vice, magnet, and jig, when necessary, and four 5-axes at once by attaching up to four of A axis, allowing for mass-production.

In addition, one worker can manage several machines during the processing time, which, in turn, makes it possible to use the workforce more efficiently. Moreover, technicians without professional knowledge can operate the 5-axes machining easily.

G.M Precision Manufacture registered a patent for each of its products and obtained the ISO 9001 certification for its multiaxes jig system that combined the Index and the Multi-axes Jig Bed.
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