Becoming a Leading Innovative Company in the Field of Gas/Steam Turbine and Thermal/Nuclear Power Turbo Power Tech has grown into a company specialized in centrifugal casting since 1979. Continuous special alloy development enables the company to be a leading expert in turbine components, especially diaphragms. It manufactures special alloy materials for turbine by centrifugal casting, forging and heat treatment.

And its ‘One Stop System’ that directs process from material to fi nal part (including machining and assembly) can off er more competitive price, lead time and the highest quality.

Being qualifi ed as World Class Product for seal ring and diaphragm, it’s earned authorized ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certifi cations. And it supplies them with its major turbine maker in Korea, Doosan Heavy Industries, to each power plant of KEPCO. It also exports 70% of its products to leading overseas energy companies such as Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, GE Energy, etc.

Turbine Components and Diaphragms for the Future Energy Industry

Seal Ring is a mechanism to minimize the leakage of steam & gas between the rotor and diaphragms. The material of the system consists of copper alloy and steel alloy. The material goes through centrifugal cast, heat treatment and machining in one line. Seal ring shall be divided into packing rings and ring segments. The sealing devices maintain turbine effi ciency by preventing steam and gas leakage and vibration between the rotor and diaphragms to sustain steam balancing in the turbine generator unit.

The diaphragm is a key part of a steam turbine. It is assembled in a casing so that it directs inside steam of the turbine to a certain direction and rotates the blade assembled to the rotor, which has been induced to become stream.

Moreover, the turbine rotor is useful power by rotating a generator that the rotor is equipped with. Therefore, the contribution to the steam that has passed through the diaphragm rotates the moving blade to give a signifi cant impact on effi ciency and minimum vibration of the turbine.

The interstage seal is a key part of gas turbine. It is placed in the gas turbine’s stationary blade ring in the casing and minimize the leakage of gas. It is mainly composed of body, packing ring, baffl e plate, stud bolt and inconel spring.
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