Truck-mounted concrete pumps [INQ. NO. 1610M16] Established in 1996, Samil Heavy Industries has been specialized in manufacturing and delivering construction equipment to domestically and overseas market. It has grown into a leading company in the field in the area, overcoming the 1997 financial crisis.

Long years of accumulated steady reliabilities and attention from its customers make it possible for the company to continuously improve its presence and performance in the markets.

Samil Heavy Industries’ truck-mounted concrete pumps are being recognized as products that provide economic benefits for end-users, with advanced specifications and actual ability of performance. Currently, 11 kinds of truck-mounted concrete pumps’ booms cover the working range of from 24m to 50m with R&Z type for all the applications and X-type outrigger for stabilization.

They utilize a concrete pumping system with extreme power and convenience due to the closed circuit flow system operated by German Rexroth hydraulic pump with maximized efficiency and easy maintenance due to S-valve operation. They contribute to the reduction of operation cost by minimum wears by a regular and silent functioning.

Among these, two models lead the company’s overseas markets advance with many advantageous points. Featuring 64.4m in vertical reach, 60.6m in horizontal reach, 14.5m in unfolding height, and 65,000 kg in outrigger weight, Samil giant concrete pump SCP-6520XRZ5 performs the maximum pumping output of 225m3/h. SCP-6060 XRZ5 also boasts maximum pumping output of 225m3/h, with 59.5m of vertical reach, 55.9m of horizontal reach, unfolding height of 12.4m, and outrigger weight of 45,000kg.
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