Pipe couplings and pipe repair clamps

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610M24] Launched in May 1986 as Ehwa Industry, Youngnam Metal is a Korea-based company that specializes in manufacturing pipe couplings and pipe repair clamps. The firm has strived to produce quality pipe-couplings and pipe-repair clamps at low cost and obtained many patents and certifications, including formal approval from classification societies of eight nations, CE Mark, KC certification in hygienic safety standards, and ISO 9001 approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA).

While pipes are commonly joined to each other by welding, using flanges or threads, or bending by using a special compressor, which involve high labor costs and are time consuming, Youngnam Metal’s products are highly economical and cost- and time-effective.

Youngnam couplings handle pipe-misalignment and are flexible enough to withstand thermal shock and expansion, vibration, and bending, and are therefore versatile and earthquake-resistant.

Youngnam Couplings are suitable for all types of pipes made from any materials, including steel, PVC/PE, copper, and copper-iron, and for transporting all types of fluids, including oil, gas, hot and cold water, and sewage. They are readily assembled and disassembled by using common tools for maintenance and repair. Couplings can be unscrewed to clear a clogged pipe. Youngnam Couplings meets KS, JIS, ASTM, DIN, and ISO standards as well as non-standard pipes. SUS 304/316L and rubber gaskets use EPDM, NBR, SILICONE, and VITON.


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