Pipe couplings and pipe repair clamps

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1610M23] Launched in 2009, Eco Solatec is a manufacturer of eco-friendly photovoltaic insect traps designed especially for organic farming. The firm is the world’s first to develop the DC bug-trap that is safe to use outdoors, offering solutions to insect control for the improvement of eco-friendly farming and the living environment.

Eco Solatec’s insect trap takes advantage of insect phototaxis and attracts insects to a UV lamp that emits microwaves (365~430nm). It is a harmless, eco-friendly, and cost-effective type of pest control that does not threaten or damage the ecosystem, compared to chemical insect control systems.

All insect traps developed and manufactured by Eco Solatec use DC 12V power systems, low-speed suction fans, and wire grinders, to minimize hazard risks. They are applicable to extensive areas and for farming and environment improvement purposes (one unit effective within an area covering up to 50 meters in diameter and three to four units recommended for an area of one hectare). They are also useful in rice paddies, orchards, parks, and golf courses, as well as urban living quarters.

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