A/S Parts for Ships & Generators Relief (Safety ) Valves

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M28] Sung Chang Industry’s major product is A/S parts for valve train systems of engines. Valve train systems are an important driving part that controls engine operation. The valve train system converts rotational motion from cam into rectilinear motion of intake/exhaust valves through swing arm, push rod, lock arm, yoke, etc. to govern opening/closing of valve.

Since parts comprising a valve train make contact with each other and operate interactively, a product requires high durability and strength as well as reliability.
Roller and bush support crankshaft in engine frame body with bearings. They are separable so that crankshafts can be assembled/disassembled easily. As for the main bearing cap (MBC)/Guide, it is a mechanism that links rotational motion and rectilinear motion.

Special heat treatment and high precision shape machining are required for the various materials and oil supply port. A piston pin serves to connect the piston to the connecting rod. It passes through the pin bosses in the piston and upper end of the connecting rod. The pin is hollow to reduce the overall weight of the reciprocating mass.

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