Micro&superfinishing equipment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M29] Solomon Mechanics Co., Ltd. is a factory automation specialized company that can provide optimal solutions for a client company’s automation parts assembly line.

Compared with existing grinding methods, Solomon Mechanics’ micro & superfinishing equipment produces clean and precise polished surface with surface roughness, Ra0.001, without any chattering marks caused by wheel balancing, tail mark, or grinding transfer marks due to grinding method, through a combination of grinding transfer with consistent speed, left and right reciprocating action and proper rotation speed.
The products that are available to clients through application of micro & superfinishing equipment include large-sized rubber roll, urethane roll, chilled roll, dynaware, hard chromium electroplating, plazma coating roll, copper roll, ceramic roll, tungsten carbide roll, crankshaft, gear shaft, cylinder, engine parts, shock absorber, cone bearing cup, engine valve, press roll for iron manufacture, photocopier drum, print parts, electronic parts, hydraulic parts, airplane parts, etc.

The equipment is a grinder that can boost productivity for small parts using micro & superfinishing method. It can provide various and yet precise solutions according to clients’ requests.

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