Auto Parts for Worldwide Prominent Carmakers [INQ. NO. 1611M31] Since its establishment in 2003, KC Co. Ltd., has recorded double-digit sales growth every year through strengthening competitiveness and innovating technology. KC Co. Ltd., established a research institute in June 2007, which has helped to achieve both high quality and competitive price.

The products of KC are recognized in the automobile market for their excellent quality. Therefore, they have been provided for worldwide prominent carmakers such as Delphi, Visteon and Valeo.
KC manufactures various compressors ranging from HS type to KC & DCS type. For example, the CVC & VS type compressor can be installed in many sorts of cars, featuring commercialized clutch and mount design.

It improved the function of variable compressors, which makes operation smoother and reduces the fuel consumption rate by up to 7-14%. OEM parts include main holder, lug-shift, guide valve, collar, chain roller, CAM shaft, OEM parts, fan clutch, finger control, lever shift, lug shift and piston. As for casting products, there are swash plate type, fork shift, crank case, cylinder liner, HUB, ROTOR and valve guide. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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