Factory automation system

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry [INQ. NO. 1611M30] HTC is concentrating on 201611mm_page_73_09customer-oriented production activity that involves strengthening superior corporate competitiveness and multiple cultures. In this context, it is activating domestic sales and exports simultaneously.

To secure the trust of its customers, HTC maximizes profit by manufacturing the best-quality products with the cutting edge technology it developed, doing its best to meet the delivery dates based on an innovative manufacturing system, and rationalize the production and management system aiming at zero defects under the production system of both small-quantity batch production and mass production.

With its full line up equipment base, HTC has established various lines of the hydraulic cylinder for various machine tools, exclusive processing machines, and assembly systems201611mm_page_73_11. Based on this system, it promises sustainable growth by innovating the production system for customers and creating maximum investment effect.

M/C development division covers hydraulic cylinder manufacturing processes, angle head processes, axle housing lines, plate edge milling machines, link manufacturing processes and chip crushers. And factory automation covers CNC control systems & system retrofit and machine robot processes.

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