Implant Overdenture System [INQ. NO. 1611M13] Samwon DMP’s implant overdenture system EZ Lock abutment has significant advantages over existing ones. First, it operates on a three-axis ball rotational force, so denture detachability is convenient. When attaching the denture, it is placed accurately once you hear the “click” sound.

Second, it is economically feasible. Other consumables are not required as it is based on the retention method using a ceramic ball. Products from other companies are based on the friction method for fastening, leading to frequent replacement of consumables.201611mm_page_65_03

Third, housing can be adjusted parallel to the occlusal surface depending on the fixture’s implantation degree. It compensates up to 20 degrees maximum.

Fourth, just one fastening driver is all you need. A plastic carrier is attached to the abutment, leading to convenient movement or fastening of the product.

Finally, it minimizes fixture stress due to its structure that withstands vertical pressure and lateral pressure. The minute gap between the ball and the housing directly reduces friction. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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