Organic waste disposal system   [INQ. NO. 1611M12] The company started with soil microbe research in 2003 and establishment of a culture facility for useful microbes in 2008. And then, IncubioTech Inc. was founded in 2013 specialized in manufacturing treatment agents for useful waste and disposal equipment.IncubioTech is a research intensive company with manufacturing technologies for specialized wastedisposal equipment and culture abilities secured. Through various researches on waste treatment, it has been able to develop and 201611mm_page_64_07cultivate strains proper for treatment of food waste, sewage sludge, livestock and human excrement.
IncubioTech’s organic waste disposal system, Zero 100, is characterized with economic
feasibility, sanitation, convenience and pleasantness. It requires no cost for disposal or
maintenance and emits no foul odors. It has been able to shorten the process of making
feed, fertilizer and energy out of organic waste to within 24 hours. Therefore, the costs for
maintenance and storage have been significantly reduced, along with reducing the possibility of secondary contamination.
The technology behind Zero-100 is ICL4, which has been classified into three sub-categories for food waste (ICL401), livestock excrement (ICL405) and sewage sludge (ICL403). They all dissipate microbes up to 95% within 24 hours. They emit phytoncide smell with the possibility to process large quantities. They all enable salinity processing. With all these characteristics, Zero-100 is considered to be a true innovation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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