Compact cylinders[INQ. NO. 1703M12] Established in 1987, Yonwoo Pneumatic has been professionally committ ed to producing such various kinds of pneumatic devices as air solenoid valves, compact cylinders, converters, boosters − products that are key components for current factory automation.
To produce more precise and reliable products, Yonwoo Pneumatic adopted a new quality control way of PPM management. With an aim of contributing to the development of factory automation, Yonwoo Pneumatic is engaged in the production of advanced products.
Yonwoo Pneumatic started to initiate exports in 1999, focusing on North America, Central America, Europe, East Asia, and Japan. Since achieving US$300 million in exports in 2008, Yonwoo Pneumatic spurred its eff orts to increase its share in the global markets. In 1999, the company made its fi rst move to exhibit its competitive products in Germany and continued such strides, experiencing tough competition from numerous competitors. For Hannover Messe, Yonwoo Pneumatic plans to present compact cylinders –the YC (D)Q series and coil connectors. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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