Ergonomic elevating carts and pallet lift turn table[INQ. NO. 1703M13] OKO is specialized in manufacturing transfer carts and rotating pallet lift tables. Its products are designed to prevent back injuries while increasing work efficiency.
The transfer carts and rotating pallet lift tables that protect the user’s back are ergonomically designed with the technology patented by OKO. They feature specially invented square shaped springs that do not deform and are stable. They always maintain the position of loads at the user’s waist height without additional power source. They help protect the user’s back preventing industrial accidents while increasing work efficiency by 45% or more.
OKO manufactures six types of carts and six types of rotating pallet lift tables and is a supplier to 500 companies including Samsung Electronics.
OKO made a debut at an international exhibition in April 2016 at MODEX 2016 held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. With continuous and aggressive marketing strategies, it is increasing its market share by exhibiting at a number of exhibitions including Assembly Show held in Chicago, the USA in October 2016, ProMat 2017 in Chicago, and Hannover MESSE in Germany.
OKO differentiates its products from its competitors with its non-powered, environmentally friendly SGPR technology system and the world’s first one-touch load control function. It has registered six patents for these products, gaining a competitive edge over the competitors. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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