Scaffolding Products and Parts Industrial Co., Ltd. has been supplying scaffolding products and parts to domestic and overseas markets since 1993. Notably, it has led the domestic scaffolding market in production, sales and rental, for the past 24 years. Its quality goods have been recognized in civil engineering and construction. Initially, it started out with two production plants, one in Gimpo and one in Busan. Recently, it set up a new distribution center near Seoul to provide prompt delivery and service to customers. Since its establishment, Hochun has exported to Asia, the Middle East, the EU and the U.S.A.
The company’s top priority lies with satisfying all customers with its quality products and service. In addition to quality, it can off er reasonable prices for customers by using its Chinese joint venture plant and sourcing. It has developed many American- and European-style scaffolding items in the Korean and Chinese plants. Customizing is also available for frame scaffolding, system scaffolding, aluminum plank, scaffolding accessories and bridge legs. Customers will receive best efforts and support for their various needs ranging from raw material, to quality products, consulting, and after-sales service.


Drop Lock Frame, Snap on Frame, Screw Jack & Forged Coupler and Cross Brace & Guard Rail

Drop lock frame is a temporary material. It is a steel construction material that is temporarily installed for construction. The temporary frame is installed from the lower part to the upper part, and it is the upper part of the work and structure supporting it. It is a material that is conservatively or temporarily installed and used for construction, and is disassembled or demolished after construction.
Structure composition 1 set: vertical frame 2 pcs, crossing brace 2 pcs, and lower part adjustment screw jack 2 pcs. No. 1 and 2 are vertical frames while No. 3 is an adjustable screw jack inserted in the lower part of the frame. No.4 is crossing brace, cross-assembling the vertical frame to form one set, No. 5 is a guard rail with four models of crossing braces available. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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