Road Safety Facilities in 1976, Shinsung Control provides various steel materials such as hot/cold rolling products, stainless, aluminum, magnesium and so forth, customized for slitting and shearing. It also manufactures and sells guard rails that are road safety products, noise barriers which can reduce the noise levels and steel fences. To satisfy customers’ needs, its excellent researchers and experienced engineers are devoted to full technology development.
Shinsung Control manufactures system scaffolds, systems supports and safety foot plates as temporary construction products in order to provide safety and convenience in the construction industry. To supply customers with products and services that can satisfy them, it is devoted to quality technology management innovation (ISO, KS, GQ, Inno biz, IBK prospective companies) and it has achieved the 20 million dollar exportation mark. It is currently exploring the markets in Japan, China, Vietnam, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


Road Safety and Construction Temporary Equipment

Shinsung Control is manufacturing and selling road safety facilities such as noise barriers and guard rails. It is endeavoring to combine new technologies and produce high value added products. In addition, its know-how from many years of experience helps to reduce the original costs steadily and establish a competitive product structure. Moreover, it is diversifying the markets overseas and attempting to execute globalization of its business. Its products include noise barriers (effective noise control solutions), crash cushion (with SSC’s EAP technology) and guardrails (high-strength steel guardrails).
As the roads develop and the city area widens, there tend to be many construction works in the city centers. Recently, such construction works involve high and large buildings. So, the issue of safety emerges as critical. Shinsung Control produces system supports, safety boards and scaffolds that can satisfy safety requirements of customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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