Construction Handrails is a leading company that manufactures and supplies goods in the fields of handrail and construction material. It manufactures not only construction handrails for commercial and residential purposes, but also construction hardware necessary for handrails. It uses material made in Korea by POSCO and always strives to manufacture the best-quality products. It controls the entire process from purchasing, to manufacturing and finishing, so it can supply high-quality products in a timely manner.
Also, with its experience in various projects from residences, to schools, shopping malls and government buildings, Corailing is able to provide customized products to meet the requests by customers. Trust is its first priority as handrails are directly linked to the safety of users. And Corailing does it best to manufacture safe and trustworthy products based on construction and design know-how of 20 years.


Handrails BR-B003

Handrails are structures of certain heights along stairways and bridges to protect pedestrians, and consumers are looking for handrails providing not only safety but also excellent design. If one look at handrails by Corailing, it is clearly evident that they have been devised with all the advantages of installed products in domestic structures. Accordingly, they are easy to manufacture with various designs and customization available to widen the selection for customers, which include individual clients and conglomerates.
Due to their characteristics and functions, handrails are not all that different from each other. However, they are different in terms of decomposition depending on which raw material has been used. Corailing uses high-quality material that is excellent in its durability and corrosion-resistance according to KS standards. Furthermore, as it is manufactured using superior technology and simplified, the quality is excellent along with superior production and delivery. It provides product competence based on expertise developed over many years and the handrails are available in various designs. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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