RCWS and Various Defense Trade Items

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryFINE Global Co., Ltd. is a professional defense trading company that cooperates with FINE Inc., the best manufacturer of military vessels and Hypalon fabric in the Republic of Korea. As a professional defense trading company, FINE Global Co., Ltd. is supplying not only military boats but also various military solutions such as unmanned military solutions

, water treatment solutions, special purpose vehicles, CBRNE / firefighting equipment, ballistic protection, anti-riot equipment, field equipment and footwear. It offers the best solutions with active marketing activities for Africa, the Middle East, South American, and Southeast Asian markets.


RCWS, Mobile Surgical Operating Theater, Military Boots

First, as for Mobile RCWS, there are lethal types such as 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12.7mm, 40mm and surveillance type. Their features include laser range finder detecting up to 20km and laser illuminators with 808nm. They have GPS and compass with fog enhancement DSP and full motion stabilization. They can detect vehicles within 20km and humans within 15km. With thermal, however, they can detect vehicles within 19.2km and humans within 15.5km. LD illuminator can recognize up to 1.5km without a moon.
As for its mobile surgical operation theater, it has adopted a hydraulic extension mechanism. With quick extensions to maximize space, it offers more space for comfortable operations and for carrying a patient on a stretcher. Lastly, there are injection and cement types for military boots with anti-abrasion function. They have Gore-tex application with anti-frostbite function as well.

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