Universal Material Testing Machine

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1712M06] The KUH series, which is KMT’s universal material testing machine, is a typical material property testing machine that can measure a load, strength, elongation, bend, etc. of every product including fiber, rubber, film, plastic, wood and metal. Basically, it can conduct a compression, tension, tearing, bending and peel test, as well as static load, cyclic fatigue and friction coefficient measuring test. The KUH series can conduct tests in accordance with standards such as KS, JIS, ASTM, DIN, BS, etc. It is controlled by PC using the exclusive software.
The universal material testing machine is classified into the mechanical type and hydraulic type. The hydraulic universal material testing machine is composed of the main body, applying a load, and the measuring part, equipped with a computer. A test load value and a displacement are displayed on the monitor by applying the high-definition load cell, which is the load-detecting sensor. All matters of a test can be monitored in real-time so analysis, treatment and input/output of data can be efficiently managed.
KMT makes every endeavor to innovate and develop technology, with all its strength, to contribute to exportation and domestic market by growing as a company specialized in manufacturing of property material testing machines such as metal, non-metal, plastic, rubber, etc. KMT has been differentiated from previous testing machines and focusing on performance and design. KMT is also trying to be a leader in the market of the 4th-generation digital testing machine.


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