Aerial Work Platform Tires GLOBAL’s tire is handling all aerial work platform products distributed in domestic markets, and releasing new products by selecting the pattern and material suited for the field through continuous market analysis and technical development.
This solid tire produces excellent stability, durability and anti-skid performance suited for high altitude work, being provided at the optimum reasonable price in cost-toperformance ratio.
When compared with the existing foam filled tires, the price is very low and there is a low possibility of damage by external impacts, thus ensuring high quality of safety. Plus, it is able to create cost-savings compared with the original operation cost.
There are many cheap tires made in China, but MR Solid is the only and the first tire produced by Korean technology.
The reason for the location of MR GLOBAL’s factory is only for securing competitive prices to provide to buyers. But, the crucial thing is that MR GLOBAL’s own technology is originally based and engaged with.
It has gained the upper hand among intense competition for cost-effectiveness with its target competitors including major companies. And now, MR GLOBAL is positioned at 1st in sales in the domestic market.
MR GLOBAL is a specialized company in trading and distribution for tires of forklifts and aerial work platforms. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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