Commercial & Home Compressors close-type AC compressors from Hansol E&A have strong power in their small packages. The major features of the close-type AC compressors include compact design, efficient motors, and low energy consumption. The reliability of the compressors is based upon more than 60 years of the manufacturer’s history. DC power compressors are used for such mobile equipment as refrigeration boxes, boats, camping cars, trucks, and buses.
With their low energy consumption and options for various supplying powers, they are suitable for use as base stations applied to solar panels. Compressors can also be used for both refrigerators and freezers.
R290 compressors lineups, offered by Hansol E&A, are for LBP and MBP equipment such as ice-cream cabinets, commercial refrigerators, coolers, etc. The early type was suitable for Europe, Asia, and all other 220-240V/ 50Hz markets. From July 2015, 115-127V/ 60Hz compressors are also available.
Hansol E&A, as an official seller in Korea of the commercial compact reciprocating compressors for refrigeration and freezing produced by SECOP, which is a global brand, has focused on its role as a business partner for expanding the market share of SECOP compressors.

After Nidec Group, a global motor company, acquired SECOP in 2017, Hansol E&A significantly invested in technology for development of R290 and R600a, next-generation and high-efficiency inverter products, by introducing Nidec’s state-of-the art motor technology. In this regard, by developing and supplying various inverter compressors to which the eco-friendly refrigerant has been applied, the company has strived to reward its customers’ support with optimized products and best solutions satisfying the requirements of the market and customers.
In addition, due to the necessity of providing services to the customers of SECOP compressors more rapidly and stably, Hansol E&A established the official service center for SECOP in 2018, thereby continuously striving to focus on customer support all the more. Hansol E&A will become a leader in the domestic compressor distribution industry based on close technological support and cooperation with about 600 manufacturers of refrigerating and freezing machines. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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