Thermo Ventilator’s thermo ventilator not only solves humidity and mold problems, but also provides a forest therapy effect, with strong ventilation power.
From plasma anions to hair and body drying, dehumidification and warm and nature winds effect, you can create a special bathroom with refreshing and convenient features all year round. This removes odor, moisture and dust through powerful ventilation.
Older people or babies who are sensitive to sudden temperature changes need to be more careful when they get in and out of the bath. This helps drying hair quickly with powerful air flow.
The filter and grill can be removed and cleaned so that fresh air can be constantly maintained. The patented seal reinforcement device shields back flow of odor. This hands-free drier saves time and is turned off automatically by the timer. It is not necessary to hold the hair dryer in the hands, so users are not exposed to the risk of electric shock.
HIMPEL Co., Ltd. has specialized in indoor air quality (IAQ) control since 1989 and devoted itself to research and development. HIMPEL is a total ventilation company developing and applying a ventilation system that can ventilate both the bathrooms and other rooms at the same time. It is constantly pursuing technological innovation in line with changing trends of housing culture, keeping pace with rapidly evolving digital networks.
HIMPEL is also growing as a company that can develop market-leading innovative products and maximize customer satisfaction with product reliability. In particular, HIMPEL is striving for differentiated design and independent R&D thereby obtaining various patents, utility models, KS certification, and CE in the field of technology and development. HIMPEL has supplied large construction companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, GS, Daelim, and POSCO, and occupies more than 60% of the residential ventilation fan market.
Technology, quality and design are the highest-valued factors of HIMPEL. It is the first company in the industry to acquire ISO9001 in 2003, which is certified by UKAS of the UK. Also, HIMPEL has been globally recognized for its excellence in technology and quality by acquiring KS certification (from the Korean Standards Association), certification of constant air volume (from Korean Association of Air Conditioning Refrigerating and Sanitary Engineers (KARSE), certification of high efficiency energy appliance (from Korea Energy Management Corporation), and certification of CE and PSE, the international standards.
You can enjoy the best benefits from specialized products and services that HIMPEL provides. HIMPEL will realize a pleasant and healthy culture of ventilation with its specialized environmentally friendly, highly efficient products, with the vision of becoming a global ventilation company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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