Air-conditioners for Home Use
This product senses small changes in the room temperature and controls the temperature to create the best indoor environment for physical activity.
It demonstrates outstanding sterilization performance by using a special patented copper- coating technology. Cooling fins are the main culprits when it comes to the build-up of bacteria and mold inside air-conditioners. The copper coating, however, helps sterilize these cooling fins, which are hard to clean because of limited access.
When the user turns the air-conditioner on, the sliding auto door on the air vents opens smoothly, and when the user turns the unit off, the door closes again. The sliding auto door helps prevent dust infiltration of the system and adds a more high-end feel to the design. This air-conditioner uses dual ventilator fins and it can be adjusted freely depending on the position of the user.

Wall-mounted type

Kiturami-Bumyang Air Conditioning’s wall-mounted type air-conditioner is equipped with a nano silver antibacterial filter. The nano-sized fine silver particles in the pre-filter mesh utilize the high antibacterial properties of silver to remove bacteria and mold floating around in dust particles.
The auto operation function regulates the air-conditioner’s operation mode and wind volume automatically according to the room temperature. The ergonomically designed wireless remote control with an LCD screen helps the user turn the air-conditioner on or off at specific times with the touch of a button. The indoor sensor detects and diagnoses the operational status of the air-conditioner in advance, and displays the status on the display screen to make it easier for the user to notice any malfunctions.
The ‘capacity-switching method control’ technology, which enables the air-conditioner to detect indoor temperature conditions automatically and operate at 30%~120% capacity, helps the user respond to various indoor conditions proactively.
When the Discomfort Index rises because of extreme humidity in the rainy season, the dehumidification function keeps humidity at appropriate levels. This makes the dehumidification function a very effective feature that can help maintain a pleasant indoor environment and prevent the spread of diseases caused by mold. It is an economical way to remove moisture while keeping the room temperature at desired levels.
This operates on ‘High’ at first, then gradually reduces wind volume over time (system is set to increase indoor temperature by approximately 1 degree C per hour). This eliminates any concerns regarding air temperature, even if the user keeps the air-conditioner on for prolonged periods, and helps the user enjoy a good night’s sleep even if the outside temperature remains high at night. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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