Turbo Blowers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryGumsung Poongryuk’s turbo blower AA series has much higher wind-pressure than turbo fans, and is used when air-volume is in the three percent ratio of static pressure.
This series is used for air transportation, sending of various types of gases. And manufacturing of products having wind pressure of more than 800mmAq is possible, upon requested by customers’ orders.
GTF-B9 series has higher static pressure than turbo fans so that it is usually used at the wind-pressure from 200mmAq to 500mmAq. This turbo blower is widely preferred for forced ventilation for boiler, force-induced air blow, dust collection, and dust elimination.
CTF-C is most suitable air blower in dealing with a great deal of air or gases in the wind-pressure condition of more than 100mmAq to 250mmAq. The impeller of this model has no strain in terms of fluid mechanics and intensity at all, so it can be operated in high-speed. And as it ensures high efficiency in its operation, it deserves its good reputation among operators. This model is used at various types of dust collectors, chemical factories for gas transmissions, iron mills, and various other industrial fields.

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