Electric heated and dry-type LPG Vaporizer

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M19] Korea Gas Engineering designs, manufactures in Korea and exports LPG vaporizers, LPG+air mixers (SNG blenders), and gas equipment. The company sells them in Korea and exports them to 25 countries around the world. It completed the development of electric-heated and dry-type LPG vaporizers in 2017.
In 2017, the company obtained their European CE (ATEX, PED) certifications and is now exporting them to Europe, the Middle East, Russia and Asia.
Vaporizing is a kind of change in the state of matter. Through vaporization, liquid absorbs heat energy and changes into gas. In the meantime, an LPG vaporizer is a device that converts liquid LPG to gas by applying heat energy from heaters, steam, hot water, gas burners, and so forth.
In particular, electric-heated and dry-type LPG vaporizers are smaller and more compact than electric-heated and water-bath type LPG vaporizers. Electric-heated and dry-type LPG vaporizers can be installed in small spaces. In small areas, they can be mounted on a wall.
In addition, dry-type vaporizers are smaller and more compact, and of the same capacity as water-bath type vaporizers, resulting in a lower cost (about 30%).
Since dry-type vaporizers are directly heated by heaters, they do not use water.
Thus, they do not risk freezing even in cold areas. On the other hand, water-bath type LPG vaporizers use water, so they face freezing risk.
Dry-type LPG vaporizers are directly heated by heaters so their initial operating time is short. Accordingly, they feature good thermal efficiency and excellent workability. Dry-type LPG vaporizers’ early operating time is about one-third of that of water-bath type LPG vaporizers.

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