Power Conversion System


For renewable energy fields

[INQ. NO. 2020M05] Since its establishment, G-PHILOS has been on the right path to realize its vision of becoming a global leader in the development and manufacturing of power conversion systems applied in the renewable energy fields.
Believing that the continued competitiveness of the future renewable energy industry will be

provided by the quality of the power conversion, GPHILOS puts all efforts into research to make sure that the developed and manufactured power-converting devices are highly efficient.
GPHILOS has been striving to lead the renewable energy converting technology, and after a strong effort of over 10 years, it secured a unique position in the fuel-cell business and power conversion systems (small and medium-sized fuel cell systems) in Korea.
For its vigorous business, GPHILOS is currently actively engaged in P2G (Power-To-Gas) system manufacturing business, fuel-cell system manufacturing business, regenerative energy system business, and energy storage system (Battery-ESS) business.

GPHILOS’s currently holding technologies are related to hydrogen solution, regenerative energy solution, fuel cell solution, and energy storage system solutions.
GPHILOS’s P2G system was developed for producing hydrogen by utilizing power source unused from renewable energy. After the Paris UN Climate Change Conference in 2015, the renewable energy businesses like PV (Solar), windmill have been increased as a solution to overcome environmental problems during the past few years.
GPHILOS’s fuel cell inverter was designed to meet input conditions for various kinds of fuel cell stack as per each brand. Its Gen-series was designed to enhance the lifespan for fuel cell Stack applying a very sensitive and stable control algorithm. From long experience in fuel cell application, GPHILOS has models of over 30 kinds to be sorted for houses (600W ~ 5kW) and for buildings (5kW ~ 20kW) and for power generation plants (25kW ~ 500kW) as per output capacity of the system.

GPHILOS has various models of ESS PCS from 50kW to 1MW. Its ESS PCS can be applied to various functions , not only renewable energy, connected ‘for example’ to demand management and PV, windmill, but also UPS function against blackout.
To advance further, GPHILOS is gradually expanding its business into new renewable energy areas, including the renewable energy-linked, P2G(Power-To-Gas) power-generation system sector and the “energy storage-linked regenerative energy system” sector specialized in railways.
To become a leading company in renewable energy that will lead the way to a brighter and greener future that we all dream of, GPHILOS is committed to keep striving to create new markets and new values through a constant provision of the innovated new green technologies.
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