Special Electrolysis for Hydrogen Refueling Stations


[INQ. NO. 2020M06] EM SOLUTION Co., Ltd. started its business in 1987 under the name of Dongwoo Precision, and later changed its name to EM Korea. It was listed on KOSDAQ in 2007 and switched itself into EM SOLUTION by specializing in the environment and hydrogen business.
Since 2004, the company has developed alkaline electrolysis and built a hydrogen refueling station using electrolysis in Daegu (2012~2015) and Ulsan(2019). Korean government planned to build 310 hydrogen filling stations by 2022, according to the its hydrogen economy road map, and announced its intention to produce hydrogen by electrolysis.

The company developed and delivered a large-scale electrolysis in 2018 and plans to complete the development of a special electrolysis for hydrogen refueling stations in accordance with the government’s plans for 2022.
Currently, 12 hydrogen refueling stations have been built. Four are under construction and market share remains high.
In the environmental field, the company purchased land to build a large environmental plant near Seoul and planned to complete the first low-temperature evaporative food waste disposal plant in Korea in 2019. The company believes that its creative activities, which are aimed at providing a cleaner planet and a better living environment, will be the best solution for our future.

Hydrogen Refueling Stations
As of the end of 2018, this company has the largest number of accomplishments in the hydrogen field in Korea.
It is the first company for refueling two passenger cars simultaneously in Korea. It has completed the first bus refueling test in Korea (Gangwon, Gangneung, and Pyeongchang). It has established a refueling station using electrolysis for the first time in Korea (Daegu). It established the most refueling stations in Korea (52% M/S based on completion). It proved continuous refueling 11 cars/hr verification for the first time in Korea (Gangneung, Pyeongchang).
These stations are recognized by Hyundai Motors as meeting the international standard of SAE J2601-1, as first and only in Korea.

Drying Plant
This is a new-concept food processing plant of low temperature vacuum system as domestic patented. In 2019, EM SOLUTION built and demonstrated a plant capable of processing 100 tons, and now it plans to reach more than 250 processing plants nationwide. In the future, it plans to enter the animal waste and sewage sludge market.

Organic Waste / Food Processor
EM SOLUTION produces small and large food waste disposers using eco-friendly science technology and bio-microbiology technology. The company has delivered more than 200 exports to Europe and Australia.

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