‘Fast Mover’ of Korea’s EV Charging Infrastructure Platform


[INQ. NO. 2203M17] Jeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd., which developed the first private electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in Korea in 2012, has been a first mover that is leading a new paradigm by applying electric vehicle infrastructure and new renewable energy operation technology and software-based ICT technology to the existing electric power and energy industries.
Furthermore, it has been exploring various future industries including Energy Management Systems (EMS), energy operation system efficiency, and establishment of convergence electric vehicle charging stations, keeping pace with the times of smart grids and electric vehicles that have been receiving global attention.

‘Fast Mover’ of Korea’s EV Charging Infrastructure Platform

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Platform (JoyEV)
JoyEV is an EV infrastructure membership platform of Jeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. that developed the first private EV charging infrastructure in Korea in 2012. With the meaning of ‘Enjoy EV: Enjoyable EV Life,’ it uses a smile as a motif to declare its slogan, ‘Enjoy EV Life!’
JoyEV aims at creating a Korean version of the integrated EV lifestyle service membership platform by expanding its service to related platforms from EV charging infrastructure service.

‘Fast Mover’ of Korea’s EV Charging Infrastructure Platform

Convergence Electric Vehicle Charging Station using Sunlight Generation and ESS
The convergence electric vehicle (EV) charging station using sunlight generation and ESS, which is the realization of electric vehicles operated by the source of new renewable energy, is a new energy business model that is operated by converging sunlight, ESS (energy storage system) and an electric vehicle charging station. Unlike other existing businesses, it is contributing to the expansion of convergence EV charging stations led by private businesses as the first private investment business.
As the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy granted special regulatory exemption, JoyEV will construct convergence charging stations at the World Cup Station in Seogwipo, Jeju, and the bus turn-back station in Susan-ri, Aewol-eup, Jeju in March in Jeju, the city of electric vehicles. This business uses a method that stores electricity produced by sunlight generation in ESS, and then charges an electric vehicle with it right away. Jeju Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. handles the construction and operation of charging stations, and LG Energy Solution manages the construction of ESS and EMS (Energy Management System).

‘Fast Mover’ of Korea’s EV Charging Infrastructure Platform


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