Ultra-compact Remote Control Electrical Excavator


[INQ. NO. 2207M07] ISCHUS was founded in 2018 as an institute enterprise of the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) to provide remote-controlled electric vehicles to customers who execute dangerous and laborious works in narrow and extreme environments.

The core values of the company are innovation, environmental care and safety. Products are 1~3-ton smart compact excavators.

One-ton class electric track excavator (DaVinci10)
DaVinci10 is a one-ton class electric track excavator, which is designed for applying diverse power tools in narrow spaces, as well as for securing the operator’s safety by the use of a remote controller. There are two models available to meet the market needs.

DaVinci10B was developed for remodeling construction works at indoor construction job site of high-rise buildings. The one-ton class excavator is too heavy and big to move by an elevator. DaVinci10C is an updated design of the B model for maintenance and repair works of narrow culverts and sewer pipes.

Customer benefits and enablers are as follows:
The modular product architecture, which separates the front attachments from the 1430mm long and 750 kg main body (B model) is the solution to superior transportability to the worksite of high-rise buildings via an elevator.

Adoption of the three-linkage mechanism front attachment provides the convenience to travel in the narrow jobsite and to work on wall and ceiling. Zero emission electric power system and a customized RF remote controller are the enablers of operator health and safety. Dual electric power system, LiFePO4 battery with onboard charger and 220VAC plug-in, makes possible 8-hour continuous work.

The 300 mm high waterproof frame and short boom structure (C model) provide the accessibility to minimum 1m wide and 1.2m high culvert for maintenance and repair works.

By applying state-of-the-art sensors and smart control technology, novice operators can control the equipment easily. Also, the online monitoring system and Web portal service makes the preventive maintenance and status monitoring possible.

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