Hydrogen Compatible Products for the Alternative Fuel Industry


[INQ. NO. 2208M19] TK-FUJIKIN Corporation is the first in Korea to succeed in the localization of ultra-clean fittings for semiconductor and FPD manufacturing lines.

TK-FUJIKIN is maintaining its No. 1 position solidly in market shares in the field of gas piping components for semiconductors by succeeding in localizing product lines imported from foreign countries such as valves, regulators, gas filters, gas sticks, gas panels, and integrated gas systems (IGSs) among others.

TK-FUJIKIN has developed a line-up of gas piping materials by completing the development of general industrial compression fittings, valves, tubing, and canisters (bubble-type).

In addition to products for the semiconductor and FPD industries, TK-FUJIKIN is widening its range of general industrial product lines, and expanding into the development and manufacture of various products for nuclear power and hydroelectric power plants, offshore plants, CNG, and fuel cells.

As a new business, TK-FUJIKIN has secured a product group from CNG, hydrogen including parts for natural gas vehicles; hydrogen mobility and technology to produce them since starting with 700bar hydrogen cylinder valves; regulators; receptacles; and manifolds for FCEVs, which are high-pressure parts for the hydrogen industries.

TK-FUJIKIN also manufactures 20,000psi cone & thread of fitting, needle valves, check valves, line filters, and tubing for hydrogen refueling stations.

Furthermore, TK-FUJIKIN supplies 350bar hydrogen cylinder valves for drones, of the quick connector type.

TK-FUJIKIN acquired EC79 for lok fitting (hydrogen), KS B ISO 19880-3, ATEX for check valve and needle valve, ECE R110 certificate for CNG solenoid valves for automotive as well — TPED for 350bar hydrogen cylinder valves for drones.

Thus, TK-FUJIKIN is a total solution company that can supply both hydrogen and mobility.

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