Slow Charger with EV Fire-Detection


Amid growing concerns about electric vehicle fires, EVAR, a company specializing in electric vehicle charging solutions, has recently developed a slow charger that is excellent for fire detection.
EVAR recently announced that it has launched a new slow charger, the Smart EV Charger 2023. The company explained that it obtained not only safety confirmation, but also electromagnetic compatibility certification and type approval.

For the first time in the world, this product is equipped with a sensor that detects infrared rays and temperature when a fire breaks out in a vehicle or space in front of the charger. In the event of a fire, it has a function that immediately stops charging and sends an alarm to the control center connected to the server, and even reports to the competent control agency if necessary. As a result, if the initial response is quicker, the damage can be minimized and the user’s safety can be protected.
In addition, to enhance user convenience, the BT PnC (Bluetooth Plug and Charge) automatically recognizes the user without an app or card to provide a convenient electric vehicle charging experience. When the user’s mobile phone is brought near the charger, the user is automatically authenticated and the charging service is activated.
Externally, while the electric vehicle charger model with a prominent angular and straight appearance is the mainstream, EVAR’s new product has a clean exterior design with a soft curved line at the edges. In addition, it has an advantage of being able to apply customized color designs of charging operators.

Lee Hoon, CEO of the company, explained, “In order to alleviate users’ concerns about electric vehicle fires, we launched the world’s first charger that detects electric vehicle fires. We will use our experience of operating the world’s largest smart load balancing charging infrastructure to further solidify our position as a leading technology company that provides all safe solutions necessary for electric vehicle charging for a worry-free electric vehicle life.”
Meanwhile, EVAR was selected as the representative Korean company in the startup pitching competition hosted by the U.S. Embassy in Seoul in March, and participated in the 2023 SelectUSA Investment Summit, a global startup competition hosted by the U.S. government, held from May 1 to 4, and the SelectU Tech. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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