Web Browser System for the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Fields

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySysnet W, the nation’s first web browser system in the fi eld of air conditioning, can check and control real-time conditions of the site anytime, anywhere, on the base of the Internet without installing a PC.
In an environment where the administrator can’t reside and manage the environment, or a PC cannot be installed, Sysnet series − the optimal system for simultaneous data storage and surveillance control in a constrained environment − has been applied by the Rural Development Administration, NAVER, and Belimo, an actuator specializing company.
In addition, Sysnet X series, a conventional remote management program, is a professional monitoring system for refrigeration and air conditioning in the fi eld of industrial monitoring systems (BMS: Building management system). It is a solution that provides convenience to various users. In the case of Sysnet series, various communication protocols such as screws, unit coolers, chillers, air conditioners, thermo-hygrostats, and airconditioners are applied to the existing remote management program. It is possible to apply the necessary controller protocol without the need for an additional process of a controller.
Based on this diversity, Sysnet series can monitor the current state of the controller and alarms in real time. It has acquired HACCP certifi cation with its history management and graph function. It is applied to ICT business, and has become a solid solution leader. With the addition of convenient features such as confirming or sett ing up the equipment in SMS and smartphones, the demand by actual users is steadily increasing.
In addition to solutions, Systronics has also developed IAQ-06, a special sensor for environmental monitoring, and controller for special air-conditioning control and mushroom cultivation control controllers‒ based on steady R&D and know-how for many years in the controller fi eld. IAQ-06 measures temperature, humidity, Co2, VOC(Volatile Organic Compound), fine dust (PM10, PM2.5) for monitoring the atmosphere of high social interest and measures by alarm output and RS-485 communication.
Systronics participated in HARFKO 2019 to introduce Sysnet series, special cold and air-conditioning modules, and remote management programs.

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Double suction volute pump

Green Tech Pump is committed to providing quality products and services, ensuring customer satisfaction. Its quality management system has been implemented in accordance with the requirements of ISO, ANSI and KS. It is certified and registered in conformance with ISO9001:2008 in the design and manufacture of pumps and pump systems.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry The company’s double suction volute pump delivers high efficiency, lower noise when driving with less failure rate in a wide range of usages. The vertical split casing gives easy maintenance. The impeller is dynamically and hydraulically well balanced. The bearing housing is mounted in the flange and can be pinned to find precise realignment. The short distance between bearings on the shaft gives low warpage. Currently, the pump is used for air conditioning, building services, circulating water systems, fire fighting, irrigation, paper mills, ports and docks, water supply, etc.

Double-suction-volute-pump The company’s vertical mixed flow pump is also a very competitive product, which allows various installation methods to meet customers’ requirements. It can be installed for both indoor and outdoor use. This pump’s impeller comes in both open and semi open type, which has a blade of three dimensions. It is for general industries and factories (for water intake, supply, drainage), thermal power plant (for cooling water), sewage system (for water influent, effluent), agriculture (for water pumping, water supply).

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Korea’s HVAC Products

Korea’s HVAC companies facing big challenge
from Chinese market

Korea’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) industry circle sets a further aggressive aim of advancing into new potential global markets including Southeast Asia through securing high-efficiency and ecofriendly technologies, based on continuous growth in both production and export. Now, Korea is ranked the world’s No. 4 in the industry.

Korea’s-HVAC Korea’s HVAC industry circle at an early stage grasped the potential importance of the HVAC industry as one of the indispensable industries in improving both the living environment and industry production process in a global scope.

Korea has early designated the industry as one of the major growth engines leading the national economy in the global markets while encouraging the companies associated to massively invest in this industry and thus to beef up the presence of those companies in an increasingly competitive global market.

Korean companies’ timely advance into promising markets is expected to spread technological recognition in the nation into the global market, thus contributing to the increase of their awareness in global markets.

One of the current hottest issues facing Korea’s HVAC industry is the massive influx of Chinese HVAC products into Korea. The influx of Chinese HVAC products would be accelerated when the recently signed Korea-China FTA officially comes into effect. Given the current situation when the influx of the nation’s HVAC products is visualized, the ratified FTA will help acceleration of the influx of Chinese products into Korean market.

Meanwhile, the recovery of the global economy and global high attention on the green industry will positively play for Korea’s HVAC companies, which have global competitiveness, especially against Chinese competitors in terms of technology power.