NC Index Table[INQ. NO. 1801M03] Daeshin Machinery Co., Ltd. was established on August 15, 1997, and is operating two business divisions at present. The first division is the automobile business division, which is supplying products to Hyundai Motor Company since starting to mass-manufacture automobile parts (oil, pump housing, carrier, and knuckle) after building the automatic processing line in 2002 for the first time.
The second division is the NC Index Table division. At the time of building the automatic processing line in 2002, Daeshin Machinery introduced and applied another company’s index table to production, but the index table on the market was not structurally appropriate for used article cutting due to the product’s characteristic (for used article cutting). Therefore, Daeshin Machinery researched the NC index table maintaining high stiffness autonomously and developed an index table applying the face gear clamp method for the first time after much trial and error. This face gear clamp method has cutting torque ten times stronger than the methods of other companies.
Since it established a separate division in 2006, Daeshin Machinery has supplied products to customers after autonomously completing the entire process from production to quality inspection, assembly, and installation test. In 2017, Daeshin Machinery realized 0.01° of the dividing angle by applying the disk clamp method, supplementing the disadvantage (the dividing angle 0.5°) of the face gear. As this technical prowess won recognition, the company was registered as the appointed company for supply of the NC index table for Hyundai-Wia last year.
In general, the NC index table is composed as a jig, which is the part fixing a processed article on the table. It is installed on the vertical NC milling process bed. The table is rotated by a servomotor. It has a main function that is clamped on the configured location by an internal clamp structure so various processing parts (angles) of the material are placed on the location, where it can be processed automatically, by rotation of the table. Furthermore, since various processed products are placed on the NC index table jig safely, products can be processed simultaneously and mass-manufactured easily. Also, it aims to reduce the production cost by improving the product cycle by reducing the processing process by realizing various processing angles by driving the axis of rotation.
Daeshin Machinery is originally a user of the NC index table. Daeshin Machinery registered a utility model (registration No. 20-0456169) by autonomously developing the face gear clamp type maintaining high stiffness appropriate for used article cutting. This has cutting force ten times stronger than those of other companies with the same specifications. It also has excellent repeatability and is appropriate for processing parts for used article cutting aimed at mass-production. Moreover, a minute dividing angle (0.01°) is available by applying the disk clamp type, supplementing the disadvantage of the face gear clamp type, at the same time. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Synchronizer Ring[INQ. NO. 1801M01] Youngjin Precision Industrial’s synchronizer ring is mounted in a car’s manual transmission. In order to distribute appropriate power according to vehicle speed, each gear stage has a different gear ratio composed of different gears. The gears of each stage have different sizes with a different number of teeth, which allow the gears at each stage to rotate at different speeds even when driving the vehicle at a constant speed.
To create the optimal driving conditions, two different gears with different gear ratios have to connect to each other, and this is defined as gearshift. If there is a manual transmission without a synchronizer ring, gearshift can only be performed at a certain speed ratio (speed) that makes two different gears combine (e.g. gearshift to 2nd gear at 20km, 3rd gear at 40km, and so forth).
In order to remove this discomfort, a synchronizer ring was developed and it allows two different gears with different RPM to have the same RPM when the gear is being shifted. With this help of a synchronizer ring, automobiles nowadays can easily perform a gearshift at any given speed ratio. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Newtec Co., Ltd. contributing to the abalone aquaculture industry of Korea.

Crane for aquaculture working

Mostly installed in the working ship of abalone farms, Crane for aquaculture working is used to collect kelp which is the feed for abalone, feed, lift aquatic products. Newtec Co., Ltd.‘s first developed Crane for aquaculture working has been building customers’ loyalty due to its specialized function and convenient use.


FRP Boat

FRP Boat is light, durable, anti-corrosive, and resilient and has high-capacity. FRP Boat is optimized for aquaculture working such as multi-purpose Stem Cate for loading and unloading aquatic products and tools & materials for aquaculture working.


Hydraulic Jib Crane

Installed in seashore and dock, Hydraulic Jib Crane is used for lifting small boat for repair, tools & materials and aquatic products, and boat for evacuation from typhoon.

Hydraulic Jib Crane is equipped with its own power supply and has strong durability, safety device, and convenience. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cold-forging products

[INQ. NO. 1609M01] As a specialized of cold forging, Geoyang Metal has been manufacturing and delivering high-quality cold forged parts for markets of domestically and abroad markets, boosted by complete production system for material parts to assembly parts.
Through rich experience of staffs of technology institute, accumulated know, and aggressive investment on R&D, Geoyang Metal is leading Korea’s development of the new material sector. Now it commands the No. 1 in domestic market share of diff gear in terms of production, quality, and delivery by recording yearly high growth.

Currently, Geoyang Meta supplies yearly 2,000 units of automotive parts to domestic and overseas markets, with dominance of 60% of differential bevel gears of Hyundia-Kia and of 30% of Remikorea. From 2013, it has been exporting its bevel gears to German Getrag, the USA, Japan, and Thailand. And it was determine to proceed with the completion of product development by introducing a diff gear warm forging press, and ultimately to obtain the original technology of high pressure diff gear warm forging by December 2015 in cooperation with GKN Japan.
In 2014, Geoyang Metal achieved a yearly sale target of KRW 47.5 billion, and it is making ceaseless efforts to accomplish the new sale target of KRW 85 billion by 2018. Also, to preemptively cope with the potential demand of diversification and for global marketing predominance, Geoyang Metal has opened a new cold forged factory, and thus established an exclusive line of process for forging of export items. It also maximizes customers’ satisfaction by previously securing quality system to obtain product reliability including component analyzer (precision measuring equipment), three-dimensional gear measurer, and shape measurer. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Pursuing Goal to Become a World-Leading Motor Supplier with Excellent Technical Capacity

Higen Motor has specialized for more than 50 years in highvoltage motors, explosionproof motors, servo motors, servo drives and electricvehicle motors. The company started as a business division of LG Electronics in 1963 and was spun off as an independent corporation in 2008.
With globally acknowledged certifi cations such as ISO, CE, ATEX, EtherCAT and TS16949, it is capable of producing induction motors ranging up to 3500kW and servo motors and drives varying up to 75kW.
2016-09-13 09;49;05.PNGThe maker’s AC low-voltage induction motors range in output from 0.4kW to 500kW (at 220V~660V), while its high-voltage induction motors vary in output from 37kW to 2,500kW (at 690V~13,800V).
With ATEX certifi cate, explosion-proof motors from the company range in output from 400W to 260kW (for Ex d IIB IIC protection type). When an internal explosion occurs due to the explosive gas that penetrated into the inside of the airtight container, the products’ special structure eff ectively withstands the explosion pressure and prevents the spread of fl ames with the external explosive surroundings.
Untitled-4.jpgThe manufacturer’s servo motors and servo drives are widely applicable for robots, injection-molding machines, packaging machines, semiconductor lines, FA systems, and others. Ranging in rated output from 50W to 75W, servo motors feature rapid position/speed control and high-speed operation with low noise. Servo drives passed EtherCAT conformance test assuring compatibilities with EtherCAT based network systems.
Untitled-5.jpgHigen Motor has played a key role in the Korean government-sponsored major R&D projects to develop next-generation profi table core products such as robots and electric vehicle motors that are solidly competitive in the global market in terms of price and performance.
The company has diversifi ed its existing product portfolio coverage, such as 3500kW at 13,200V motors for power plants and explosion-proof motors of ATEX certifi cation for petrochemical facilities of domestic and foreign customers like Korean EPC and Hitachi.

Challenging the World with Innovative Technology 


In the global motor industry, there are only a few leaders with the technical capacity to produce asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, and at the same time command motor control technology. In Korea, Higen Motor is the only company possessing such capacity.
“As the electronic control technology rapidly advances, we believe the future of the motor market will evolve to intelligent motors that combine precision with networkbased motor control. We have aspirations to become one of the global leaders in the fi eld of industrial and intelligent motors,” said the company’s president Kim Jae-hak. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Providing Marine Bearing and Power Plant Pump Bearing

Export & Import Corporation is a sales representative company I-PASS Corporation for the marine industry and the power plant pump industry. It desires to be part of a human-oriented company and it has been serving its customers with reliability since its establishment.
To become one of the top global companies, it will continue to make every eff ort to extend its marketing worldwide with various goods while developing technologies and working day and night on research and development.

Luna 15GR Bearings for Marine Industry and Power Plant Pump Industry


This company sells largely three categories of products − namely, mechanical parts such as grinding wheels and sisal wheels; bearings for power plants like pump sleeve bearings and rudder bearings for vessels. However, its most representative product is “LUNA 15GR Bearings” for the marine industry and the power plant pump industry.
Luna 15GR bearings feature fabric reinforced and laminated polymer as material with dry running capability. They cause low coeffi cient of friction and virtually no swell in water with non electrochemical corrosion. Being tolerant to misalignment and defl ections, their elasticity can reduce the eff ects of hammering.
Luna 15GR bearings last longer than a ship’s life and come at very reasonable price. They are applicable for all sizes of ships, from small military vessels to 20,000 TEU container ships. And they are very easy to handle and install for they weigh only 1/7 of bronze bearings and they are environmentally friendly without using asbestos.


In addition, Luna 15GR bearings have superior mechanical properties compared to other foreign products with strong resistance against waste water and sea water.
Their duration have been prolonged with minimization of shaft damage with excellent wear resistance and adequate elasticity. Rapid response to various needs from customers is possible through unifi ed processing and self-production of material, rather than through the processing of imported material.
The application for Luna 15GR bearings includes various places and purposes. Bearings for CWP, SLP, SCWP, COP, and SWP pumps are used in power plants while water bearings are used in the pumps for rainwater pumping stations, water purifi cation plants and sewage treatment plants.
More products include marine bearings (rudder, stern tube), container support pads and winch bush. Also, heavyload sheave pulley bush bearings for opening fl oodgates at tidal power plants and shaft sleeve bearings for water drainage pumps for dry docks in the shipyards are among the products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Highly Functional Handles for Windows with Luxurious Design

Aceinnotech is a company specialized in hardware for with approximately 30 years of tradition. It produces hardware that forms a ‘window,’ such as autolock handle, roller for window and keeper, which are basic and fundamental to safety of our spaces. Aceinnotech has competence in price and product quality in the field of hardware for windows in Korea. And it also develops customized products according to customers’ needs.
As results of having reinforced its competence through investment in people, operation of a technology research center and securing professional designers, Aceinnotech has won various awards such as the Presidential award for the National Quality Cycle Contest, the Prime Minister’s award for small and medium-sized businesses innovation contest and excellence award for Good Design Handle for Window and Door. With continuous research and development, Aceinnotech has registered 13 patents, 15 utility models and 20 new designs.


Products Incorporating the Company’s Motto, ‘Human Focus,’ ‘Customer
Impression,’ and ‘Technological Innovation’

Untitled-11.jpgALH-380 is a handle that locks and releases automatically for sliding windows when closing and opening. It is easy to install so that it can be easily used for closing and opening windows. The security function has been upgraded with lock function eff ectively improved, bett er than the existing lock device, crescent.
Without left or right, it is simply built with easy installation. Having taken ‘comma’ as its design motif, the feeling of smooth grip has been realized while durability tests have been completed through 50,000 times of opening and closing. It can be used and selected practically for various windows such as balconies and small windows. It comes in silver, dark gray and white.
Untitled-12.jpgALH-115 is an another handle that locks and releases automatically. Based on solid quality, it is easy to install it as mount or lever integral product. A durability test has been completed as well through 50,000 times of opening and closing. With relatively small handle size, compared with other products, the feeling of comfortable grip has been achieved. It can be used and selected practically for various windows such as balconies and small windows. It comes in silver, dark gray and gold.
Untitled-13.jpgASP-021A is a roller for windows, which facilitates their movement when opening or closing. It endures high-load with very low noise so it is useful for long-term use. The durability test has been completed with 100,000 repetitions of opening and closing tests. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Producing Durable and Costeff ective Roof Tiles

FeRoof, after its establishment in 2002, has researched and produced products and is growing rapidly based on foundation. It all started 40 years ago when CEO Seo-jeong Park started making roofi ng materials with plain, gray concrete roof tiles and then with clay tiles.
Now with the latest technology and stylish designs, FeRoof produces extremely durable, cost-eff ective roof tiles that beautify any building. The president of South Korea and customers from all over the world have recognized its work.
With accumulated experiences, FeRoof has been exporting more and more every year. It is distributing its stone-coated steel roofs to Japan, Europe, Africa and all over the world.


Characteristics of Feroof Tiles – Why They Are So Popular in the Market

Untitled-15.jpgFeroof tiles are perfect for new housing and re-roofing of existing roof top, adding a unique elegance of light-weight tiles with components of stone coated steel. Its steel sheet is made by POSCO with consistent quality. Feroof is known for its quality as it has continued to improve products, manufacturing process and effi ciency.
Feroof tiles can be installed on existing asphalt shingles, which saves cost of uninstalling and prevents environmental waste. Feroof stone chip coated steel tiles are very easy to install, therefore, shorten installation time and save the labor cost. The installation requires no special training with weight of each tile about 2.6-7 a piece. They are also very fl exible so, when bent during installation, the basecoat will stretch instead of cracking.
Feroof stone chip coated steel has strength of high modulus, good dispersing, seismic resistance and wear resistance, therefore, it can bett er withstand large or nearby earthquakes.
Because of its unique formation of stone ship coated steel tiles, it provides rather silent echo / sound during rainfall, which reduces outdoor noise and creates good peaceful living ambient.
Feroof stone chip coated steel has the ability to last for many years of exposure to sunlight and ultra-violet light without deterioration. The basecoat is cured in an oven to make sure it is fully dry before it leaves the factory, making it very tough to resist deterioration compared with some other manufacturers’ coating.
Feroof tiles are classifi ed as a class-A fi re rated, non combustible roofi ng material, which is able to withstand severe exposure to fi re originating from outside the building. They can also withstand extreme temperatures.

2016-09-13 09;51;38.PNG | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Leading the Design and Manufacturing of Products for the Treatment of Compressed Air and Gas

GSA is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of for the treatment of compressed air and gas in Korea. It produces refrigerated compressed air dryers, desiccant air dryers,membrane dryers, after coolers, chillers, oil-water separators, particulate & air fi lters, automatic condensate drains, PSA nitrogen generator, PAS oxygen generator, PSA hydrogen purifi er, PSA argon recovery and purifi cation plant, PSA CO, CO2 recovery and purifi cation plant, PSA methane recovery and purifi cation plant, PSA other gases separation and purifi cation plant.
Untitled-16.jpgThe compressed air treating equipment is very important and widely used in various industries. Much of the condensate and vaporized oil is produced as a by-product when air is compressed by air compressor. If they are not removed properly, they can shorten the lifetime of various pneumatic tools and equipment and also lead to the shutdown of the entire production lines.

Representative Products of GSA – Desiccant Dryer, Refrigerated Air Dryer, etc.

Desiccant dryers (also known as Regenerative Desiccant Dryers) run the compressed air through a chamber filled with desiccant, which is usually activated alumina or silica gel. The desiccant absorbs the moisture in its millions of pores, thereby trapping it. If the air dryer is using a smart controller, the compressed air dryer changes chambers when the dew point downstream begins to change, indicating the desiccant is wet.

Other models change on a set timer. The wet desiccant is regenerated, or dried, by the compressed air dryer’s hot purge air. The hot air drives off the moisture preparing the desiccant for its next cycle.
A refrigerated air-dryer removes moisture from the air through the use of a heat exchanger. An air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger is used to cool the air so that the vapor condenses into water. This water is then collected and drained out of the system, leaving only dry air. A refrigerated dryer typically has a dew point of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nitrogen can be produced by separating oxygen and nitrogen in the air by using the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process. Dry & oil-free compressed air produced in out compressed air system enters the PSA nitrogen generator and is fi rst stored in the dry air receiver from where it enters the PSA system.
Here, the oxygen is absorbed by the carbon molecular sieves and nitrogen is emitt ed as a product gas. The N2 enters the surge vessel where its purity is stabilized before it is sent to the nitrogen vessel and then drawn for use. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

PENGUIN – Outcome of Accumulated Experience and Know-how

Penguin Ocean Leisure Co., Ltd. Leisure runs the and operations of Penguin, the world’s fi rst compact semisubmarine developed by Gocean Co., Ltd. POL is founded in 2014, it is a relatively young company with a young CEO and staff members.
However, its parent company, HLB was established in 1975. And it hasUntitled-20.jpg recently expanded its business into Bio-industry.
Main businesses include manufacturing marine products such as yachts, lifeboats, FRP vessels, etc., and it develops medical products such as artificial liver, targeted anticancer drugs, etc.

Compact Semi-submarine for Leisure and Underwater Rides

2016-09-13 09;52;49.PNG

Penguin is a compact semi-submarine for leisure and off ers tourist underwater rides without any equipment. This product has been developed entirely with HLB’s exclusive technology over a numbers of years.
Penguin lets tourists experience nature’s wonders and enjoy pure delight through the fascinating underwater views. It also gets children excited and interested in nature with underwater expedition.
Penguin off ers additional options such as marine activities and F&B service. It can operate while passengers enjoy snorkeling, diving and fi shing.
Penguin shares the pleasure with everyone regardless of age, health condition and swimming skills. The company helps anyone to give it a try and gather unforgett able memories. Penguin is the achievement of HLB’s technology and experience of manufacturing lifeboats over 40 years.
Untitled-21.jpgPenguin obtained CE certifi cation through Lloyd’s register, passing self-inspection and close examination. Penguin is run by dual electric motor. It does not create pollution and conserve marine life by using an electric battery. Penguin 1.0 was an initial model of Penguin, the semisubmarine for leisure. It was ideal for short trips with a fast turnover. It has a wide window in front and on the sides.
Private space was available for a maximum of four people. Penguin 2.0 is an upgraded model of Penguin, which was sustainable for sailing business. It can carry more passengers with faster speed at the similar size as Penguin 1.0, maximum 12 people. Broad upper deck is available for the service area. It has a simple structure with easy maintenance. They operate in various places such as Seychelles and the Maldives. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods