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Korean machinery part makers to seek more aggressive advance into China market

A positive expectation is forming among Korean machinery circles that the recently concluded Korea-China FTA would be a factor generating benefit for them. According to the Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI), Korean companies will be likely to benefit from the FTA in terms of tariff rate – due to China’s average tariff rate (8.1%) is higher than that of Korea (6.6%).

As Korean-made machinery products have comparative advantages over those from China in terms of quality, the rate of Korean companies’ advance into Chinese market is expected to increase significantly in the medium-and longterm.

A spokesperson of the agency said “For most machinery products, China’s tariff rate is higher than that of Korea, so, if tariffs at the two sides are abolished at the same time, Korea will likely take advantage from it, but only export of lowpriced tools, parts and components is expected to gradually be increased because of China’s price competiveness.

Korean-machinery-part So, the need for expanding the technology gap with Chinese competitors is strongly emerging as an important issue Korean companies manufacturing low-priced machinery tools, parts and components to solve.

As of last year, China emerged as the world’s largest importer of Korean-made general machinery comprising 24.2% of Korea’s total machinery exports, but recently the balance of payments remains to be seen gradually decreased.

The following selected companies are some of Korea’s representative machinery part makers taking considerable dominance in the global market in their specific areas.

With keen interest from the Korean government and a governmental agency, they plan to elevate their more aggressive advance into the China market with an aim to increase the ratio of their market dominance than competitors worldwide, on the occasion of the recently concluded Korea-China FTA.

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Pipe racking system components

[INQ. NO. 1412M03] GS ACE Industry is a company that now fulfills a significant role in the development of Korea’s pipe racking system industry. Facilitated by pride accumulated over long years of early experience on engagement of automotive and electronics industries in the local market and operating 21 distributors worldwide, GS ACE Industry exerts its power in more than 40 countries including Japan, China, Europe, Germany, etc.

Pipe-racking-system-componentshttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry GS ACE Industry’s pipe racking system components are representative player helping the company’s strategic stride of development of market influence to grow further. The components are designed to develop and improve the usability and efficiency of production lines, and to improve safety significantly in the workplaces. They do not contain the harmful things (Pb, Hg, Cd,Cor, PBB, and PBDE), substances restricted by RoHs. The harmful substances – free system fundamentally removes fears over health. GS ACE Industry’s global auto clients including VW Germany, Hyundai-Kia Motors, and Toyota Japan adopt the components in their production lines, thus confirming the reliable benefits from them.

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