Thermo Ventilator’s thermo ventilator not only solves humidity and mold problems, but also provides a forest therapy effect, with strong ventilation power.
From plasma anions to hair and body drying, dehumidification and warm and nature winds effect, you can create a special bathroom with refreshing and convenient features all year round. This removes odor, moisture and dust through powerful ventilation.
Older people or babies who are sensitive to sudden temperature changes need to be more careful when they get in and out of the bath. This helps drying hair quickly with powerful air flow.
The filter and grill can be removed and cleaned so that fresh air can be constantly maintained. The patented seal reinforcement device shields back flow of odor. This hands-free drier saves time and is turned off automatically by the timer. It is not necessary to hold the hair dryer in the hands, so users are not exposed to the risk of electric shock.
HIMPEL Co., Ltd. has specialized in indoor air quality (IAQ) control since 1989 and devoted itself to research and development. HIMPEL is a total ventilation company developing and applying a ventilation system that can ventilate both the bathrooms and other rooms at the same time. It is constantly pursuing technological innovation in line with changing trends of housing culture, keeping pace with rapidly evolving digital networks.
HIMPEL is also growing as a company that can develop market-leading innovative products and maximize customer satisfaction with product reliability. In particular, HIMPEL is striving for differentiated design and independent R&D thereby obtaining various patents, utility models, KS certification, and CE in the field of technology and development. HIMPEL has supplied large construction companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, GS, Daelim, and POSCO, and occupies more than 60% of the residential ventilation fan market.
Technology, quality and design are the highest-valued factors of HIMPEL. It is the first company in the industry to acquire ISO9001 in 2003, which is certified by UKAS of the UK. Also, HIMPEL has been globally recognized for its excellence in technology and quality by acquiring KS certification (from the Korean Standards Association), certification of constant air volume (from Korean Association of Air Conditioning Refrigerating and Sanitary Engineers (KARSE), certification of high efficiency energy appliance (from Korea Energy Management Corporation), and certification of CE and PSE, the international standards.
You can enjoy the best benefits from specialized products and services that HIMPEL provides. HIMPEL will realize a pleasant and healthy culture of ventilation with its specialized environmentally friendly, highly efficient products, with the vision of becoming a global ventilation company. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Commercial & Home Compressors close-type AC compressors from Hansol E&A have strong power in their small packages. The major features of the close-type AC compressors include compact design, efficient motors, and low energy consumption. The reliability of the compressors is based upon more than 60 years of the manufacturer’s history. DC power compressors are used for such mobile equipment as refrigeration boxes, boats, camping cars, trucks, and buses.
With their low energy consumption and options for various supplying powers, they are suitable for use as base stations applied to solar panels. Compressors can also be used for both refrigerators and freezers.
R290 compressors lineups, offered by Hansol E&A, are for LBP and MBP equipment such as ice-cream cabinets, commercial refrigerators, coolers, etc. The early type was suitable for Europe, Asia, and all other 220-240V/ 50Hz markets. From July 2015, 115-127V/ 60Hz compressors are also available.
Hansol E&A, as an official seller in Korea of the commercial compact reciprocating compressors for refrigeration and freezing produced by SECOP, which is a global brand, has focused on its role as a business partner for expanding the market share of SECOP compressors.

After Nidec Group, a global motor company, acquired SECOP in 2017, Hansol E&A significantly invested in technology for development of R290 and R600a, next-generation and high-efficiency inverter products, by introducing Nidec’s state-of-the art motor technology. In this regard, by developing and supplying various inverter compressors to which the eco-friendly refrigerant has been applied, the company has strived to reward its customers’ support with optimized products and best solutions satisfying the requirements of the market and customers.
In addition, due to the necessity of providing services to the customers of SECOP compressors more rapidly and stably, Hansol E&A established the official service center for SECOP in 2018, thereby continuously striving to focus on customer support all the more. Hansol E&A will become a leader in the domestic compressor distribution industry based on close technological support and cooperation with about 600 manufacturers of refrigerating and freezing machines. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Package Freezers KOREA Co., Ltd. is a company that is actively engaged in the field of industrial refrigerator. Now two models – MC-500R and MC-500F − are expected to lead the company’s overseas drive for advancing into potential markets. The MC-500 shows its superior capability in terms of energy-saving, eco-friendly, and safety. It reduces the overall power consumption of the cooling facility, saving up to 30 percent of the electricity bill compared to the Freon system. By reducing the refrigerant charge by 85 percent (0.5kg/1kW) compared to other existing products, the risk of leakage of the refrigerant is greatly reduced, thus ensuring safe operation.
And in a situation where regulation of Freon refrigerant is accelerating, the MC-500 is a 100% guaranteed solution for future use in the context of natural refrigerant ammonia and CO2.
Established in 1973, MYCOM KOREA is one of local branches of MAYEKAWA MFG Co., Ltd., and manages an independent manufacturing line. It is in the total engineering area for thermal energy as industrial refrigerator and cooler manufacturing, consulting, system design, construction and engineering.

Since its founding, MYCOM KOREA has researched not only industrial refrigeration, food, and chemical fields, but also cryogenics fields like superconductivity cable cooling equipment, fusion reactor cooler, energy saving by using high efficiency system, global warming preventing technology by natural refrigerant cooling system, and so forth, with the pride of a leading company in the industrial refrigerator area, and expanding in both domestic and global markets.
MAYEKAWA MFG Co., Ltd., which was established in 1924, began as a manufacturer of industrial refrigerators and grew to become a total engineering company today by expanding the business areas broadly into a diverse range of fields. Currently, MAYEKAWA provides its products and technics with three shops for compressor units and mechanical, a robot manufacturing line, and 70 branches in Japan, plus 90 branches in 35 nations worldwide.
To grow a company sustainably, social responsibility is the most important. MYCOM Korea seeks to recruit talented workers by providing scholarships at universities in Korea, and supports research on refrigeration technology as a leading member of the International Institute of Refrigeration and SAREK. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Automobile Freezer Corporation has been supplying automobile freezers to Hyundai Motor Group. An automobile freezer is a product installed in a refrigerator truck that keeps the vehicle’s temperature at a certain level by using the vehicle’s engine and an electric motor.
CRK’s automobile freezer has a slim type of luxurious design and its front grill has high durability by making use of burstproof automobile bumper materials. The condenser case features a special coating of ASA that offers strong protection against sunlight in order to minimize the discoloration caused by ultraviolet rays.
The realization of weight lightening by means of the high-performance engine and compressor enables cost-saving of fuel and additional load. For this product, the cooling speed is significantly improved by using a highefficiency heat exchanger. Also, it does not consume much fuel, due to the use of a compressor clutch and variable control technology, by greatly lowering the initial stage of the maneuver load. Moreover, this product minimizes the potential destruction of the ozone layer by using an eco-friendly HFC refrigerant.
A spokesperson for the company explained “We are about to increase the exchange of technologies and information among our affiliates in order to grow into a global level technology innovation company actively boosting our overseas market dominance by utilizing our global networks.”
CRK specializes in commercial refrigeration supplying freshness for you by establishing a total cold-chain system. Based on refrigeration technology that has evolved over the past 110 years, CRK Corporation applied the inverter system to refrigeration for the first time in Korea. The inverter system is able to deliver cost-saving benefits of up to 49% compared to the normal system. This innovative technology allowed our company to take the lead in the energy-saving field with highly efficient products.
Also, CRK is taking the No.1 market position in terms of customer satisfaction in the field of refrigerated and frozen showcase and low temperature system thanks to its excellent reputation for reliable service. CRK’s factory is located in Hwasung, South Korea, and the company manufactures refrigeration equipment and facilities such as a variety of commercial showcases, low temperature systems, commercial refrigerators, vehicle refrigerators, and ice making plants, etc. CRK will continue to grow by supplying the best quality products and technology based on its business ethic of always considering safety and the environment as its best values. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Air Conditioners & Chillers energy-saving type precision air conditioner from AR Co., Ltd. controls two heat exchangers efficiently depending on the operation status and operates itself up to the sensible heat ratio level of 1.0. With the reheating function by the hot gas of the built-in compressor, this air conditioner ensures superior energy-saving effects. And the company’s energy-saving type chiller supplies coolant made by using cold air outside, thereby decreasing the energy consumption amount to more than 25 percent annually.
Lastly, the company’s energy-saving type water-cooled type free cooling precision air conditioner is a product born to realize the so-called “free cooling” without the operation of a compressor by directly using coolant in the cooling tower in the cold season. AR has for 37 years been focusing on developing technologies for the air conditioning & refrigeration fields since its establishment in 1981. It has now grown into a company focusing on designing, manufacturing and constructing precision air conditioners, clean room facilities, air handling units, humidifiers and refrigerating facilities.
In addition, it is expanding its business through technological development. The company has certifications of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environment Management System, marking itself as an excellent qualitycompetitive firm. And it was awarded as a Korea high-quality service (SQ) certified company for 15 consecutive years, and the Bronze Tower Industrial Medal by the Korean Government in 2004 and certified CE by TUV.
AR’s products have been selected as excellent products by the Public Procurement Service of Korea and awarded by the Ministry of Knowledge and Economy as one of the most excellent service quality companies at the national quality management convention 2010. And it was awarded the long-awaited Golden Tower Industrial Medal by the Korean government for the first time in the industry in 2018. The company pledges to be an even more prosperous and considerate company for its customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fan Coil Units The fan coil units from AIR TECH Co., Ltd. are manufactured by using EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) material that is lightweight and eco-friendly, and they are thus transformed into products upgraded in terms of durability. And they can contribute to improvement of the environment.
Also, they adopt various control systems and realize the functions of power cable communication, featuring wireless remote control, automatic control, and separate control of the swing wing, they thus provide customized functions to the users.
They are fitted with a UV lamp and electric dust collector for improving the daily deteriorated air quality in order to provide clearer and fresher air to users. Thus, they are recognized as an optimized product for the changing environment.

Model S/D gives benefit in terms of space use as its body can be put into the ceiling, and its panel part is adjacent to the front side of the ceiling. The corner of panel is rounded so that it can create harmony with the surrounding environment. It can be used in any various sites.
As a specialized refrigeration and HVAC company, AIR TECH Co., Ltd. has expanded thanks to warm support and interests of its customers since its establishment in 1995, in the refrigeration and HVAC field ranging from development and production of fan coil units, constant temperature and humidity units & air handling units to the economic and eco-friendly chiller & cooling tower sales.

In the age of growing market competition and technology innovation, AIR TECH is making desperate efforts to create a new future by concentrating on generation of qualitative growth as well as quantitative growth to provide its customers with the best quality of service. AIR TECH is also committed to being a strong company aiming at providing its customers with optimized solutions for energy saving. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

High-performance Insulator REF is specialized in HVAC&R. It designs, installs, and sells products and services such as rubber insulation, fabric air duct system, showcase, overhaul service, cold storage, etc. Asung R.E.F. is committed to being a trustworthy company with competitiveness and reliable management through continuous challenge and creative of value.
Asung plans to boost its global presence with its high-performance insulator, “DURKFLEX,” which was structured with independent foam and is an ideal product for HAVC/R. DURKFLEX is a solution that provides a very effective way to prevent leakage of the heat in the whole air conditioning system.
The performance of three-generation DURKFLEX produced with a particular technology of microcellular foam ensures it can contain more air in independent foam. More importantly, the technology of microcellular foam allows DURKFLEX to be more stably and reliably used in industrial sites.
High-performance DURKFLEX has passed some rigorous global standards – from the United States, to the UK, Australia, China, South Korea, etc. and it is being widely used for such various areas as piping systems, air conditioning systems, duct systems, etc. It is flexible and is easy to install, so it is widely used for air conditioner refrigerant.
Following its meeting the rigorous global standards including BS, ASTM, FM, KS, AS, GB, DIN, etc., it is applied in metallic air duct systems in various well-known buildings worldwide.
As a superior heat insulating material, DURKFLEX delivers excellent thermal effects. High-quality DURKFLEX increases the performance of users’ air conditioners by ensuring energy-saving, environment-friendly effects, and anti-dew condensation effect. DURKFLEX is also a very effective solution in the operation and management of the cooling water pipe system, a indispensable part of the center cooling system. High-quality DURKFLEX is capable of protecting the building structure and ceiling tiles by blocking the formation of dew condensation.
DURKFLEX installed in a hot water heating system can save energy significantly with little loss of heat. Moreover, DURKFLEX is also a more economical and convenient product in the installation of solar water heating systems than any comparative existing solutions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Unit Coolers & Condensing Units Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1977 as one of the leading companies in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry. It has been solely dedicated over the past decades to developing advanced technologies to produce condensing units, chillers, racks, freezers, and heat-pumps for various systems.
Samyoung Machinery now manufacturers some strategic items such as unit coolers, condensing units, AHU-coil, heat pump systems, air-cooled screw chillers, water-cooled screw chillers, etc., with an aim to increase its global market presence and share.
Samyoung Machinery closely cooperates with world-leading manufacturers like Bitzer Kuhlmaschinenbau, GmbH, Lu-Ve Contardo, and Fu-Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd. as a sole distributor to supply its customers with best quality products. Also, Samyoung Machinery has signed a license agreement with Lu-Ve Contardo Italy for local production of its state-of-theart unit cooler with comprehensive technical cooperation that enables Samyoung to supply a Eurovent certified unit cooler for the first time in Korea. In addition, Samyoung Machinery has further extended its product range to industrial application for low temperature by developing the Fu-Sheng 2-stage screw condensing unit.
As a successful manufacturer in the industry, Samyoung Machinery complies with ISO-9001 / ISO-14001, CE, and TUV certifications and will continuously strive to achieve its customers’ confidence by supplying high-quality products with competitive value through ceaseless efforts for new development.

In 2017, Samyoung Machinery was officially recognized as a hidden champion. And in the same year, it successfully acquired ISO1400 and ISO 9001 certifications. By providing excellent and reliable products for environmental energy, Samyoung Machinery will create greater value for the next generation in the fields of food cooling & freezing, general air-conditioning, and industrial plant air-conditioning.
All executives and employees of Samyoung Machinery show their appreciation for customers’ use of Samyoung products. With the accumulated technologies, especially the technology of refrigerant distribution, Samyoung is fully committ ed to taking care of nature and the environment, and to produce and supply energy-saving equipment with high reliability and high efficiency. Based on the principles of customer-first, technology, and reliability, Samyoung promises aims for even greater support of its customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Intelligent Compressor Korea is engaged in selling intelligent compressors under the brand name ECOSTAR. The new ECOSTAR condensing unit’s cooling capacity may perfectly be adapted to the requirements by a speed-regulated compressor and fan.
The complete equipment permits a quick and easy on-site setup without complicated installation of additional components. With the extension of the series, new models for low-temperature applications with higher cooling capacity are now available.
Higher fan-efficiency is ensured due to the use of EC fans. Noise level is reduced by sound-optimized air duct, eco- and low sound-mode, and compressor housing. The increased condenser efficiency is guaranteed due to an optimized minichannel condenser. So, lower refrigerant charge and best heat exchange can be realized. For the product, such essential components as a terminal box, filter dryer, sight glass, and oil separator are easily accessible.
This product is controlled via a weekly program. Up to four ECOSTAR units can be connected for temperature control. In case of a sensor fault, the ECOSTAR condensing unit is not shut off. The compressor keeps operating with 50Hz, with 100% fans. When the sensor works properly again, the ECOSTAR condensing unit returns to normal operation. Optionally the alarm relay can stay deactivated when external release is missing. The night mode limits the compressor frequency and the fan. The sound emission can therefore be limited up to 45dB.
Via PC, a lot of BITZER IQ products may be configured with the best software. Easy device parameterization is possible. The storage and installation of device and compressor setups are possible. Safe and easy firmware update is possible. Display of all connected sensors is possible – e.g. pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, oil-level switches. The current operation point is presented within the application limit. And the display of the current capacity control status is also possible. Data log download and visualization of all operating parameters are also possible. Alarm list with integrated help function is presented for easy maintenance and service.
The BITZER Group is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors. BITZER is represented across the globe through distribution companies and production facilities for reciprocating, screw and scroll compressors, heat exchangers and pressure vessels. In 2017, 3,500 employees generated sales of €740 million. BITZER Korea started as a representative office in 2007 and was upgraded to an independent corporation in 2014. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Cooling Units Cotran is a specialized company in the cooling & HVAC field, and was founded in 1989 with the mission of achieving going concern, customer value creation and creative HRM. Duksan Cotran does its best to ensure customer satisfaction and green management through active R&D investment, creating human-centered technology and strengthening product quality under three major product categories − namely, cooling industry products; HVAC & energy industry products; and eco-friendly products. Duksan Cotran’s air & water cooled chiller series and oil & water temperature control units are the best solutions for precisely treated processes on most manufacturing facilities.
Duksan Cotran supplies and sells such products − equipment that upgrades the processed products to a higher level – to domestic and foreign global companies including Hyundai Mobis, LG Electronics, LG Chemicals, etc.
Duksan Cotran’s precision cooling units and heat pump air handling units can perfectly meet any of your expectations on ideal performance and energy saving. Of special note, the CO2 & Cascade type heat pump is its brand new product in its eco-friendly product line-up, featuring stable performance and reasonable pay-back period.
In particular, Duksan Cotran’s cooling units are energy-saving high-efficiency products and are optimized in terms of quality and performance. There are two types of cooling units – the V1 type and V2 type, respectively. The V2 type cooling unit adopts a U-shaped condenser that increases efficiency in the use of installation space. The company isthe nation’s first to apply the U-shaped condenser to the cooling unit. And the cooling unit uses a highly-efficient valvular evaporator. The cooling unit uses R-407C refrigerant, representing itself as an eco-friendly product.
This V2 type supports the service of the previous alarm system such as alarm against high/low temperature, low pressure, and low water-level. The V2 was internally designed to be conveniently checked and managed. And major parts of the product are located on the side. The two cooling units used for hopper, oil cooler, and injection molds. And they are preferred for high frequency machines, welders, and printers.
Thanks to its unceasing efforts, the company acquired various technologies & management related certifications and is also registered for Korea government procurement services. The activities of the company are based on ethical management with customer satisfaction and corporate social responsibility. Duksan Cotran is committed to being a stable and trustworthy company as it prepares for the next quarter of the century. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods